Why Startups like Uber, Airbnb and SpaceX succeed, while others fail

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Apr 20 2015

What is most important for the success of your project? It’s the team? Financing? Timing? Idea? Business model? Recently Bill Gross, one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of this century, heard provide a convincing response-one that will change my views about the formula for success.

This blog is a summary Bill gross’s excellent talk.
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This Pastor think Robot preachers could be in our future (and this is not a bad thing)

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Apr 20 2015

If your first thought when you hear “preacher robot” is the character Preacherbot of popular TV shows Futurama, we don’t blame you. But for the pastor of Florida Christopher Benek, preachers of robot are an undeniable reality. or at least they will be in the near future.

If, as Christian theology explains, humans are created in the likeness of the gods, then, Benek told The Huffington Post, it would make sense that we would be [too] able to create something that has the autonomy.

Benek holds a doctor of Ministry in theology and science from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and wife a Christian form of transhumanism – the idea that humanity can be strengthened by the development of new technologies. He appeared in an episode on 15 March of “The Daily Show” to discuss his ideas on the future of artificial intelligence and of faith.

“If you have the ability to process all the information on Earth instantly, you can write a pretty good sermon,” he said Jordan Klepper of ‘The Daily Show ‘. “The hope would be human beings essentially leading us towards a new path of Holiness.”

Preachers robot would naturally work towards peace and justice, Benek said HuffPost, because their intelligence would exceed that of humans; they would be able to take autonomous decisions based on all the information available to them. They would also have the emotional limitations and mental even the most well-meaning humans have. “Were limited to a point of view of intelligence, says the pastor.”Were not in exponential growth in the way in which this being would be.

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What does the small Perkins study gender in Silicon Valley really

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Apr 19 2015

I write about my favorite topics one and talk is the importance of gender diversity in the workplace. Here I have written about increasing as the number of women Tech leaders and to increase the participation of women in computer science programs in the school. Also, I have shown how success as start-up heads will give Mrs. It is no surprise that my passion for women’s issues, probably that I Ellen Paos gender-based discrimination, pursued action against her former employer, Kleiner Perkins with great interest. Whether proven or not in her particular case, the problems of Pao process triggered are important factors in the daily working life many women. As leader of the company, I give much thought as positive effect with regard to questions change gender disparity. To this end, I am grateful for the dialog of Pao is case solved in relation to issues of gender equality in the workplace.

For me, not the PAOs case was really about his concrete results; It went to spotlight exist issues of gender discrimination and sexism, which we all know. In an article that compares the Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins study to the Clarence Thomas by Anita Hill a, Joan Williams, Professor of law at the University of California Hastings College of the law, suggested “Pao case months gender bias training was one to the world, and in a very high profile context.” I agree; therein lies his value to the world. Now, where do we go from here?

It is my hope that results not in further legal steps, but rather in more openness to gender issues, accompanied by a desire to tackle these problems constructively PAOs study experience. Board of Directors, must above all looking to how women are treated on their employees and must in dealing with seemingly minor problems, no matter how active. As well, the change can start at the beginning, with the setting. Cited in this article arstechnica multi time founder Fran Maier says: “I’m not sure that every company is thinking diversity first about it, but if they become enlightened, they will think about reach a broader network, perhaps understand that a woman could make a difference of point of view, or that a more diverse staff will make better choices.”

Why I want to take a coffee with you

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Apr 17 2015

Why I do not want to have coffee with you

It is a response to an article on Entrepreneur.com by gene marks which was also featured on The Huffington Post.

Please. I really want to have coffee, water or preferably any without caffeine and cool, drink with you.

I’m not a serial networker and hate networking (probably like you) activities. You see that we live in a digital world and I am a boy or a girl digital. We are surrounded by screens, e-mail and a constant stream of connectivity. I am a business owner too and my days are very busy. I quietly fist-pump myself after sending emails at 22:00 and boast that push notifications are the sweet sounds of productivity.

It’s funny, but the best part of my day seems to be when I have a drink, meal or any physical interaction with other people. Including those I barely know.

All this work and no play kills me, you and many of the modern working world.

Honestly, these days are not otherwise occupied. We will make when it is convenient. Some of us take the time to spree – watch the last show on Netflix. Others, like us, take the time to blog on unnamed people we want or do not want to take a coffee with. I face the constant grind of travel, connectivity, late in the night of calls and e-mails every day, so I. feel the pain of your small business they really kill us.

And that is precisely why I want to take a coffee with you! It would be like Pepto Bismol for my e-mail diarrhea. Imagine how it would be fun? Two workaholics, who clearly loves talking, complaining on the invitations of coffee (or in my case, lack thereof). Alas, I do not match one of your coffee-date needs.Here are a few other occasions that you are missing out on:

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It’s not what you do but how you do it

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Apr 17 2015

CEO make a lot of decisions, announces, and then expect everyone to be on board and execute flawlessly. If only it was as simple as that. We often find our decisions are not applied correctly, without fault or time, and we cannot understand why. Sometimes, it is because we are too discrete. Business leaders need to start making a big deal of tasks that they consider normally mundane.

Make a big deal goes a long way

When I was in sales, I used to have a boss who understood how to make a big deal of our achievements. When a closed vendor a major agreement, rather than give him a cheque of commission and in him saying its quota would be raised next year, my boss would bring to the seller in his shot of office – like everyone else at the company headquarters – an air horn, throwing real money on him and let him ring a gong in brass which has been preserved only for special occasions.

The whole office clapped and Champagne-grilled commercial success.You can bet the seller and other employees has never forgot the extravagant office on its closing party a huge sale. I do not of course. Grandiose celebration of my boss to realization of my colleague served as motivation for the rest of our team. We were willing to work hard for the same type of recognition.

Another example is when I coached a CEO who wanted to promote an employee for exceptional service to the customer over the years. This CEO was going to bring the employee into his office, tell him that he would be promoted and then cover what would await him in his new role. It is an anti-climatique event as boring. Instead, I recommended that he forbore from saying to the employee and the next all-hands meeting, announce that they have a new VP of development and call the person unsuspecting to the scene. The promotion would be a corporate event, and everybody could hear it at the same time.Talk about excitement and fun!

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This ‘Intelligent’ Pillow connects to your phone and uses speakers to help you sleep

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Apr 16 2015

There are many are devices that track your sleep, but there is now a product that both track and improve your sleep is intended.

It is a “smart pillow” Chrona called, and it launched on Thursday on kickstarter. Chrona is a thin memory foam pillow, sitting up on your regular pillow and track your sleep with a built-in accelerometer. The cushion wirelessly synchronized with your Smartphone via an app. Its creators are looking to $50,000 to increase through kickstarter.

The most interesting aspect of the cushion is his speaker system. Yes, this pillow features speakers and they actually better rest to help you. You blasting “slowly, are low-frequency noise, the relaxing” Chronas said co-founder and Vice President, Ben Bronsther, the Huffington Post in a telephone interview. These low-frequency sounds are meant to lull you into a sleep.

There are some studies that have shown that slow, low-frequency sounds good to sleep can be.Chrona is complete just an its own study on the effects of low-frequency sounds on sleep, promoted by the Washington University School of medicine in St. Louis.

Before the cushion in production, respondents Chrona also about 1,000 people about what they wanted from such products, and was, that they sleep as much as possible without waking up groggy wanted. In other words, it said respondents that they will wake up, before they need to be awake.

This is where so-called “smart” alarm and drop apps shortly after Bronsther. Many smart alarms are designed to wake you up, if you at your lightest hibernation; But so that you wake up, you can turn off before your alarm is set, go, deprive of up to 45 minutes of precious sleep, Bronsther HuffPost said.

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What are the five best practices for tweeting from conferences?

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Apr 15 2015

Written by Monica McLemore, PhD, MPH, RN, Assistant Professor at the University of California San Francisco and Candace W. Burton, PhD, RN, AFN – BC, AGN – BC, Professor Assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. McLemore good friend and colleague, Steph Herold, Director Deputy, radical change to the point program a set of best practices for the use of social media in professional meetings and conferences. She shared with Dr. McLemore, who then shared with Dr. Burton and me. These practices guide now how to use Twitter during professional conferences.

We are nursing University and as such, we travel to many conferences each year.We believe that nurses and other, can and should maximize conferences using social media for three main reasons: Exchange of information and sharing of knowledge for those who are unable to attend the Conference; visibility; and mobilize the next generation of nurses (nursing is a somewhat traditional profession) to develop new uses for social media.

What are the five best practices Tweeting from the meeting?

1. determine whether a social media strategy exists for the Conference

First determine if there is a policy of social media for the meeting and what social media tags are for this particular meeting. Generally, this information is provided to the office for registration or in the documents of the Conference.

Good number of major professional societies offer a Twitter hashtag to follow, and recent examples include: tag of the American public health Association for national public health week: #NPHW; and since nobody “owns” hash tags on Twitter, you can also create your own. Dr. Burton recently made for the 20th Conference of the network of nursing on Violence against women International (#NNVAWI20). Hashtags is intended to enable the meeting to organize their ideas, provide commentary immediately or directly on the content of the meeting or download pictures for networking. You can use the #Discover tab in the Twitter toolbar to find if a hashtag exists and is used.

2. advertise on your workflow when you are Tweeting from the meeting

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Battle of the United States towards government surveillance

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Apr 14 2015

John Oliver conquered us again this season, after having a maintenance difficult and well done with the infamous Edward Snowden on its popular HBO show last week tonight with John Oliver. As a viewer eager for his show, I can honestly say that I have gained more knowledge of the world in his comedy half-hour only a weeks worth to watch programmes on BBC or CNN. It is quite clear that comedy is a useful source to inform citizens on sensitive issues. Its program makes it clear that American citizens are very poorly informed compared to other nations when it comes to foreign and domestic policy. It is already common knowledge for many Americans, but the Oliver April 5, did something obvious to viewers, and that is, that we have a very limited knowledge on the Internet. It is fear that Oliver was arrested at his interview with Snowden.Other than weakness proven media this issue and reckless management of these dangerous NSA documents Snowden, the Americans are hardly without investigation of this case.

If Snowden really wants that solve us our problem of surveillance in America, we need to have a conversation that Americans are capable of having just like Oliver suggested. The first step to have this conversation is to increase our knowledge of the Internet and the technological concepts needed to understand in this discussion. Before the 1st of June, Congress will renew our current government surveillance program, unless we have this debate to reform. This can happen, however, if we are not educated about the concepts used in the language of the Patriot Act or documents wishing Snowden has revealed the NSA.

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The success of small business market research tips

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Apr 13 2015

If you are looking to become your own boss, you’ll want to start with a solid foundation to ensure that there is a real market opportunity. Otherwise, you can set yourself for failure. It is important to make all of the initial work done while you’re still earning your paycheck. It is a good idea to chop your business model while you are still in your working days. One part of this process, you will need to market for you research ensure that your business idea is realistic. Your market research will help you which call for starting your business.

Professional market research is very expensive. Companies can have budgets in the six figures to spend on market research, but this is not an option for you. However, you have access toalternative toolsthat will help you search for your market and hone your idea.If you use market at the beginning of your journey and keep using it as you refine your idea and develop your business plan, you will have a better idea of who is going to buy your product and what characteristics they seek.

There are several ways to approach of doing your own market research and a variety of services online that can help you to collect data for a relatively low fee. However, it is important to do some preliminary work before you start spending money or struggling with bulky data sets. Here are six tips to make sure that the road you take will bring you success.

1. identify your target market.

You have a great idea for a business and you are inflated to block, but before you get far more, you need to know who are your potential customers. Create a comprehensive profile of your target clientele.You may be tempted to assume that everyone will want your product, but at this point, it is very beneficial to adequately focus on a specific niche. This will later help you as you expand the potential of your business idea.

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Improve your privacy on the Internet in 15 minutes

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Apr 13 2015

The Government can see your photos, your private conversations, and pretty much everything you do online. And this is nothing against hackers out there actively trying to steal.

What do you do to protect yourself?

Chances are, you do not much. Even if the Americans are aware of the risks of espionage and privacy by the Government, 54% of them think that it is difficult to find ways to protect their privacy online, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center.

But be safer online is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some simple ways to keep your personal information to you without too much fatigue. It should not take more than 15 minutes, to improve your Internet privacy, and peace of mind is priceless.

DuckDuckGo use instead of Google

When you use a search engine like Google, it saves your searches and could give this information.If a search engine keep track of your research, it cannot give your information. It’s as simple as that.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is committed does not collect information about you or your research. You can perform a search using the Web from DuckDuckGo instead of Google.com site, or you can download an extension if you want to search using your address bar.

If you use Chrome as your browser, you can go here to make your default search engine DuckDuckGo. Click on ‘install our extension (recommended) ‘.

Once you click that, you access the Chrome store and press “Add to Chrome.”

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