European Parliament eyes Break-Up of Google

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Nov 22 2014

(Adds details of probe, the context, legislators and industry comments) Alexei Perisic, Julia Fioretti and Alastair Macdonald on November 21 (Reuters)-the European Parliament is preparing a nonbinding resolution that proposes to split the operations of search engine Google Inc. in Europe from the rest of its activity as a possible option to curb the company’s dominance of Internet search. European politicians have grown increasingly concerned about Google and the other American companies of the Internet industry and have sought ways to curb their power. A public appeal for a break-up would be wider than the proposed action and a significant threat to Google’s business. The proposal makes no mention of Google or any search engine specific, although Google is by far the dominant provider of such services in Europe with an estimated market share of 90 percent. Earlier on Friday, the Financial Times described a proposal calling for a break-up of Google. Google declined to comment. The movement seen by Reuters ‘ calls on the Commission to consider proposals with the goal of search engines of separation from other commercial services as a potential long-term solution “to level the competitive playing field. Has no power of legislative initiative of Parliament and lacks the authority to break the guilds, and while the proposal is a non-binding resolution, a step the pressure on the European Commission to take action against Google. Google already faces stern criticism in Europe over all from the privacy of tax policies and has been wrestling with the European Court’s ruling that requires you to remove the link from the search results that are unsightly. The company has grown so large that inspire confidence in many corners, with a chorus of public criticism from politicians and business leaders. “It is a strong expression of the fact that things are going to change,” said Gary Reback, United States lawyer who has filed complaints on behalf of the company against Google search show. “Parliament does not bind the Commission for sure, but they are listening”. New antitrust Chief resolution “very likely” to be adopted in Europe said it would take time to decide the next step of a four-year investigation into Internet search leader, after his predecessor had rejected a proposed settlement with the company. European competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who took over from Joaquin Almunia, on Nov.

‘Yo jackass, we all think our child is the cutest’

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Nov 22 2014

How social media has turned into a ravenous, many tentacolato time-eater, news from our friends on the triumphs of their families and became ubiquitous, implacable.–a vacation-ending submission from hell. As a result, every day there is a new complaint from those who follow: too much promotion in my feed. Too many posh vacation photos of other people. Too many selfies! Nobody wants to see what you had for lunch/what your child had for lunch/your cute cats as they are. And still the messages keep coming.

“For God’s sake, stop posting your child’s 9,000 images on Facebook,” pleads one author on Chicago now. “You know the type I’m talking about. That the mother who sincerely believed that her baby is cuter than all others. ” In fact, newborns and social media are a particularly dangerous combination. A 2010 study by the Internet security firm AVG Technologies found that 92 percent of American children under the age of two have some kind of digital profile, with images of them posted online. But posts chronicling the every adorable move of our friends’ babies and kids certainly aren’t the whole of the online offensiveness: Elite Daily lists the 50 most annoying people you encounter on Instagram, including the Internet Model, the Fashionista and the Rich Kid — and I can certainly list a few more — while others offer endless advice on how to politely ask your connections to be less boastful, less prolific and less, well, annoying.

Part of the problem is that social media just makes sharing — oversharing — way too easy. A click of the button on a digital camera, a quick download, and the picture or video clip is flying to your Facebook feed.But there are also plenty of studies supporting the addictive nature of social media, and as centers of obsessive posting works directly on the brain’s pleasure.

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18 wildly wonderful recipes that you can do with frozen waffles

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Nov 22 2014

Ah, you thought frozen waffles were reserved for rushed mornings, for launch in the toaster and maybe fine with a little syrup purchased in-store, you did? HA! Not the case.

While the homemade waffles emanate from this atmosphere ‘made with love’, sometimes you do not have to act in such a magnificent way to design a culinary wonder.

The waffle frozen, you see, is a staple of the crucial freezer. It is like a canvas, cheap, empty begging for your artistic talent. It lends itself to some concoctions wildly wonderful and wacky which can occur rapidly. Surely, it is much less of a hassle to thaw a frozen waffle and do the magic that he must leave the waffle maker, mixer, flour and mix everything from scratch.

Since you will not have to exert any energy whip up a waffle, you can put this excess brain power to use: you think, hmm, maybe I’ll make a bacon Casserole in this box of frozen waffles. Or, gee, I really envy those small waffles on lance skewer sticks.The world is your Oyster frozen waffle. now access:

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Two reasons why increased health insurance premiums of society (and Will Keep going up)

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Nov 21 2014

While stock exchanges later this week preparing the health care on open registration, the recent news is that health care premiums. down. Wait, what?

According to this report, “.eine new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that the average premiums for Obamacares benchmark Silver plan fall 0.2 percent to 48 cities. Prices for Obamacare’s skimpier, less popular bronze plans rise 2.7 percent (only). “I expected premium growth in much of the country to be modest”, said Larry Levitt, co-author of the report. “But what we saw some drops were instead.” “

Per above, some are credit Obamacares cost control of this phenomenon: Obamacare is better a lot things as everyone expected. The law came first premiums cheaper than the Congressional Budget Office projected when first passed a corresponding law.In April 2014 the Congressional Budget Office said the unexpectedly low premiums meant that Obamacare would $104-billion cost less than they previously assumed. When Emperor just estimates at the national level, Obamacares costs must again be revised down.

So, as an entrepreneur, reduce your premiums this year? Yes, I think not. Me neither.

Indeed, anecdotally, almost all entrepreneurs, I talk about the country have significant premium increases in the last year and was told by their benefits consultants expect more. A Federal Republic this year issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predicted that two-thirds of small businesses see their premiums spike under Obamacare. These are in Minnesota watch how other small businesses increases of up to 30 percent.

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CERN physicists discover two new subatomic particles

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Nov 19 2014

Scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland have discovered two never-before-seen the subatomic particles, announced today the installation of nuclear research.

Nicknamed Xi_b’- and Xi_b *-, the particles are particles “heavyweight” known as Baryons, said CERN scientists. As the proton, new particles are made up of three quarks, but are more than six times as massive.

“This exciting discovery reveals two previously broken combinations of three quarks, filled in another piece of the puzzle and physicists understand the operation of the Force strong in greater detail, allowing” Prof. Andy Parker of the Department of Physics of high energies laboratory Cavendish in Cambridge, England, said The Huffington Post in an email. “This also puts the ground for the expected discovery of a particle which does not fit in the puzzle, revealing what is beyond the standard model of the ‘ existing ‘ of particles and their interactions.””

A paper describing the discovery was presented to the journal Physical Review Letters.

10 gifts DIY for literally everyone in your life

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Nov 19 2014

The holiday season is in full swing, which means about six weeks more Christmas carols on Mall parking lots repeat, incredibly packed and the growing concern of searching for gift perfect for anyone special in your life. Why not skip the hassle of holiday gift races this year and give the well gift best of DIY?

If this sounds like a Pinterest failure waiting to happen, the rest assured: it shouldn’t be a level Olympic DIY-er to craft gifts homemade awesome. We’ve rounded up a few ideas that are super simple and may agree to even the pickiest the person on your holiday gift list:

1 approved House snow globe has Bethany Mota

Perfect for: your parents/grandparents/etc.
‘Tis the season, after all. Famous vlogger Bethany Mota can show you how to make the classic holiday on the cheap decoration. Make a classic cottage covered with snow, or get weird with a scene inspired by outer space.Does it snow on Mars? Who cares.

2. a mobile bird

Perfect for: your younger brother
Add a touch of whimsy to your younger brother with a mobile adorable bird room. The crafty Etsy user Joel Henriques makes look like child’s play.

3. a disco Christmas ball ornament made of broken CD

Perfect for: fun everyone who has a Christmas tree
Combine two things about everyone likes: disco balls and Christmas trees. You probably have at least a couple scratched, unreliable CD currently wasting away. Turn them into this Christmas ornament, with the permission of Craft of the Crme.

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Dems demand responds to the Department of State cyber attack

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Nov 18 2014

Committee on supervision of WASHINGTON (AP) a House demanded answers Monday about an alleged cyber attack that has closed e-mail system unclassified State Department.

In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, Democratic lawmakers on the House Government Oversight Committee requested details on the violation of data even when it was first discovered.

The letter of the representative Elijah Cummings, D-MD., also asked what steps the Department of State has taken to protect their information systems from attack.

The e-mail system was still on Monday a day after that the Department has been disabled on a gap that was discovered several weeks ago that seemed to point to the White House. There was no indication then that the State Department had been affected. But Jeff Rathke State Department spokesman said two breaks now seem to be related.

He said that the State Department is still investigating who or what launched the attack.

“I have nothing to share at this time about the origins of the intrusion,” he told reporters.

But incidents possible lawmakers who said Congress wants to better protect government technology systems.

“Criminals, hacktivists and nation States are attacking our networks of Government at an alarming rate”, Chairman Michael McCaul, r-Texas, House Homeland Security, said in a statement. “If there is a larger attack, it will be in the Congress for not acting”.

McCaul said the number of violations of data reported in federal government computer systems nearly doubled almost 27,000 more than 46,000 between 2009 and 2013, according to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

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You’re buying the wrong pages. We are here to help.

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Nov 18 2014

Consider this Martha Stewart equivalent to discover Santa is not real, or that SPF 100 really won’t work. Are you ready for this?

A higher number of threads does not mean that you buy a sheet of better quality. Yes, higher means better.

Believe us, we were also shocked that you. We wanted to go at the bottom of this misconception – obviously – so we spoke with Nancy Koltes, a designer of luxury linens and Shannon Maher, Assistant Professor at the Fashion Institute of technology Home Product Development Program who also has a background in bedding, trying to figure out this lie of bed linen.

How is the misconception arose?

Number of threads, including Maher defines as “the number of threads per square inch” seems to have started as a nice idea of marketing genius.

“[It has] an invention of the American market,”said Kassim. More specifically, thread count isn’t so much a “lie” as it is a falsified way to determine to the quality of sheets, especially when it’s used as the only way to determine quality. Just as we attach labels like “low-fat” and “organic” to food, linen retailers extended this to luxury linens in the mid-1990s, Koltes explains. By the early 2000s, the “thread count lie” had reached new levels when the first 1,000-plus thread count linens were introduced. “It’s just all promotional. Thread count doesn’t represent quality,” Koltes says. Nevertheless, it seems to have stuck with customers.

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Should you Thanksgiving dinner to hold? (FLOWCHART)

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Nov 17 2014

It’s November, and you, your family and your friends might try to find out who hosts Thanksgiving. You might consider even self hosting.

But then there to consider the time, food allergies, complex seating Diagramme–you want to go to really all by itself?

Before you decide whether you set out for the first time or for the umpteenth time, grab a glass of wine, and this flow diagram first check-out.

Have a funny Thanksgiving story to tell? Share it here!

Jennie lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their two young daughters. It is not as host for Thanksgiving this year, and Yes, she even brought a jar with jelly-cranberry sauce as an accompaniment (oops). Follow Jennie on Twitter jenniesuth.

Ted Cruz declared Al Franken net neutrality

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Nov 16 2014

WASHINGTON – Sen. Al Franken (D – Minn.) responded Sunday to a Washington Post op-ed in which the Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote that the neutrality of the network is “Obamacare for the Internet”.

Franken said Cruz does not understand what network neutrality.

It has completely wrong and do not understand what this topic, Franken said Candy Crowley in Cnne State of the Union.

Franken is a veteran advocate of network neutrality, or the idea that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing the rules around the concept and main Internet providers have pushed for Internet “fast lanes” that allow them to charge web sites extra for faster load times. On Monday, President Barack Obama asked the FCC to apply the strongest rules possible to protect the neutrality of the network.

Writing in the Washington Post on Thursday, Cruz called politics of Obamacare for the Internet network neutrality, arguing that the Government responsible would make determines Internet prices, terms of service and what types of products and services can be delivered.

But as Franken explained, net neutrality is not a new Government program, such as the healthcare exchanges created under the affordable care Act. On the contrary, we have had the history of the Internet network neutrality.

When [Cruz] says that this is the Obamacare, Obamacare was a government program that fixes something, that changed things, said Franken. Reclassification of something is to keep it the same. This would keep exactly the same thing that things have been.

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