Why my husband and I write our #Lovestory

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Oct 24 2014

Some people fall in love at first sight. For me, it was the first tweet. That my friends was not very surprising, who listened to stories about my Internet flirtation had since I was a teenager, but as my husband and I met to gawk at us still something about newcomers in our lives.

“Wait, you love on Twitter find?” ask them. “I thought that was only for the messages read.”

When I saw Thomas for the first time, he was just a small avatar on my screen. My mouse hovered over his gorgeous eyes, piercing through the pixels, causing my fingers to feel free so that I could spend another one more second. Most say that eyes are the Windows to the soul, though his Twitter stream is what really begged me. He was informative, humorous and a little raw. Although it was a computer screen and a few hundred miles between us, I felt like I him this virtual stranger.Retweeting his words to his digital in eye-popping jump, I messages directly to questions, whether he wanted to drink at the next meeting I in his town was, visiting with my family (Yes, it turns out we were growing apart on two cities).

A month later we started travelling exclusively dating, secretly mid-week Amtrak in our schedules, each other above the peaks of our laptops giggle, when it was time to work and ends our short time together with slow dance parties for two in my studio apartment. But we often again in Twitter our love story more characters enter.

eFlirtExpert: four years later and I pull my chair a little faint at the URwingman.

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A fire in India can’t scale?

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Oct 23 2014


The writer, Ankita Rao, is an Indian-American journalist currently based anywhere from the villages of Orissa to the streets of Mumbai.

There are gods on Tinder.

Not Adonis-like gym buffs with quotes about success and protein shakes. No, Im talking profile photos of Hindu deities like Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha even the avatar Venkateswara, who, to be honest, I would rather associate with my grandparents and not a dating app.

That was the first thing I reported home to my friends after fiddling around with my iPhone one day in an auto rickshaw this spring, just weeks after moving to India to kick-start a freelance journalism career. Half curious, and half bored, I wanted to check out how the New Delhi scene fared in comparison to Washington, D.C. and Tinder was an easy window into the madness.Fortunately, I have not too much influence on the results: I had all over the world with small safety net, moved so the true love was not top priority. And as tinder match would later say to me, to be honest, none of us use the app, you can find our soul mate.

Guys in India have no problem chatting for weeks about education, family and personality quirks.

As it turns out, should India, a mobile-savvy country with the largest growing population of young people in the world, a great place for an app like Tinder, (a company spokesperson tells me a Indias top emerging market priority). For the case that you don’t already know, scaling issues, the pepper match and OkCupid is a departure from lengthy dating profile and forgotten not Shaadi.com, Indias top matrimonial website. His ruthless efficiency allows users, data on the basis of a few Facebook photos and a short biography of select.Doesn’t seem, that foreigners for a country where advertising with arranged marriages or drunken connections can begin.

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Six reasons to share your mobile location

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Oct 23 2014

Because the cell phone use is increasingly more productive, the number of the location is skyrocketed based mobile applications. The Pew Research Center reported that almost half of adults of Smartphone owners, location based services on their mobile appliances-not only for getting directions, but also to a variety of information access and remain for use in connection with discussions.

More and more mobile apps use your location to provide you personalized information in real time. Here are some general categories of app, which make it easier for you to judge your daily life to know where you are:

1 weather
A leading app in this category, the Yahoo! Weather app is one of the most popular apps for more users than the native Weather app for the iPhone even; and Apple gave it a design award.All mobile weather apps based their information on where you are, so you don’t go through the process of entering the location you are interested in get to know.

2. buy a
Location based shopping apps are known for providing timely and hottest offers for sale to consumers who shop there. Find and save, such as current sales and promotions, which are based on the shopping centre or retail store, brings you. Shop kick and Apple’s iBeacon technology using micro-location signals, to your presence in a storage track and you vouchers, bonuses and credits (or more information) for specific products, you scan. The number of branches, which in real-time based on user doubled information in just one year and is expected to continue to grow.

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5 simple Stress Relievers for the small business owner

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Oct 22 2014

No because that is difficult to handle your own business. It may be, at the time, fear, overwhelming and inducing stress.

But you can – and should – also be rewarding, productive, and enjoyable.

You don’t have to live your life as a true ball of stress when you’re a business owner. There are several steps you can take to ensure that you address each new day with a clear mind and calm attitude.

Here are five things you can do today (and every day) to relieve his stress induced by small business:

1. have a plan daily (but flexible)

Entrepreneurs more successful, productive and comenzarcon stress-free everyday with a plan. Some people write to-do lists long, others note the few things they need to do. However, he decides to approach him, you should start your day with a clear idea of what you want to achieve.This relieves stress by clearing your mind of the 101 tasks you know you need to complete and ensures that you can achieve what you need, when you need to succeed.

2 set your time into pieces and minimize distractions

This is the hard truth: you’re not a good multi-tasking. None of us are. We are cognitively unable to juggle several tasks at once, while still performing each of them efficiently and effectively. Lot of their projects and minimize distractions: set aside a block of time for tasks related to writing or client projects, review and respond to the email or read and comment on blogs from influential people in the industry. And, at the same time, keep the distractions to a minimum. Give each important project a solid piece of focused time and be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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8 homes that will prove they can resize your space without downsizing your style

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Oct 19 2014

Do you think that great style requires a large space? Well, you shouldn’t! Not only the smaller homes more energy efficient, more economical and more environmentally friendly, they allow loads more of creativity and design. A large reno may not be in the budgets of most people, small inhabitants of the House can easily transform their small paradise in the home of their dreams. Want proof? Discover these cherished dream homes!

1 reconstruction and downsizing

Off-the-Grid House rebuilt through Meisner Mike Hometalker

After a disastrous fire, a couple was given the fantastic opportunity to remake their home and decided to create a new space, less than half of their original House. With 500 square feet of space, they have created a structure of off-the-grid, solar, mountainside with a side desk, bathroom and a view breathtaking. It seems that they know the secret: the smaller, the better it is!

2.A little Innovation

Modern innovative home via Mike Meisner Hometalker

200 square feet, this tight space is nothing less than luxurious! White walls with woodwork, this sleek space is perfectly efficient, with a retractable spot for everything. Stoves disappear for counterspace, and shades pull down to create a screen for big life in a little space.

3 earthship living

Ideas of an Earthship via Hometalker A piece of Rainbow

You can’t even begin to understand the effective life until you take a look at this weird House. It’s an earthship, a structure which produces food and energy, cleans and recycles water, moderates the temperature and turns the trash into treasure! Restoring to its environment, it is a literal space saver!

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FBI Director asks Congress to ‘ fix ‘ encryption phone from Apple, Google

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Oct 17 2014

WASHINGTON – The Director of the FBI James Comey called Thursday for “a regulatory or legislative solution” for technology companies generalization of encryption to protect the privacy of users, arguing that without such difficulty, “homicide cases could be stalled, suspicious could walk freely and children victims of exploitation could not be identified or recovered.”

Comey said he understood the surprise “justifiable” many Americans felt after disclosures of Edward Snowden the former National Security Agency contractor on the massive government surveillance, but he argued that recent changes to companies such as Apple and Google to make data stored on mobile phones not accessible to the application of the law went too far.

“Maybe its time to think that the pendulum post-Snowden has swung too far in one direction – in a sense of fear and mistrust,” said Comey, speaking at the Brookings Institution in Washington, in his first political speech major from support for FBI 13 months ago.

“Justice can be denied because of a locked phone or encrypted hard drive,” he said.

The latest versions of Apple smartphone operating systems and Google a strong default encryption that cannot be broken even by the companies themselves – provided that users store data like pictures only on their own fate and not in the cloud.

Responsible for the application of the act as Comey fear that, as a result, certain types of data will “go dark” to investigators who need forensic data to solve crimes. But businesses and tech experts both say strong default encryption is necessary to protect users from undesirable intrusions into their privacy by Governments and hackers to freelance.

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Feminist speaker of the mass shooting threat faced calls Utah weapon laws “Framing”

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Oct 16 2014

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – gun campus of Utah laws are in the spotlight after a feminist speaker canceled a speech at the University of Utah State, once she learned that the school would allow concealed firearms despite an anonymous threat to kill him and others in a massive shootout.

Officials of the University were to go ahead with the event with an additional police after consultation with the application of federal and state laws which told them that the threat was consistent with those that anita Sarkeesian receives when she gives speeches elsewhere. The threat has been determined later not to be credible.

But Simon, well known critic of the representation of women in video games, released Tuesday night after learning of officials of University that the Utah law forbids colleges from carrying concealed weapons of holders of a valid permit. Utah is the only State in the country with such a law.

“It’s kind of astounding to me that they could not take efforts to ensure that there were not in an auditorium that was threatened and a massive shootout,” Simon told the Associated Press. “I do not understand how they could be so cut and dry in this regard.”

Wednesday – as the application of the Act attempted to find made the threat – Utah State University officials defended the measures that they were ready to take to the event in the middle of criticism of Simon.

“We think that security would be sufficient,” Tim Vitale, said the spokesman.

University president Stan Albrecht said in an email to students and teachers Wednesday that investigators had found the threat was not credible. The University has nevertheless planned to ban people enter with backpacks and add officers in uniform and plainclothes, said Vitale.

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A factor of differentiation of market for small businesses

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Oct 15 2014

Congratulations, small business owners. When it comes to customer service, you seem to have a leg over the big boys.

At least that was the feedback given in our recent survey of u.s. consumers [1], who analyzed the trends relating to the key issues of service, industries with excellent and poor customer service and the top comes up to keep customers happy. Nearly half (49 percent) of respondents said that small, independent businesses provide the best customer service; only 11 percent picked up large companies.

But there is always room for improvement. About a third (34 percent) service judged between large and small businesses to be on the same and 7 percent said No companies provide good service these days.

As a small business owner in competition against the likes of Amazon, no one has to tell you it is a jungle out there. It you live every day.So it is no surprise that customer service is a key to.–If non-market differentiator.

Consumer hot buttons

So what are the hot keys larger than consumers when it comes to customer service and how you can be sure that I’m not pressing them? Our survey explored in particular service as apply to contact centers, where an agent is handling customer inquiries via telephone or other technology channels. But if you have one person or 1,000 front-line staff, guidelines for good service remain the same.

How to transform from a digital laggard to a digital leader

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Oct 12 2014

These days it is clear to see that the value of data is priceless. The explosion of mobile, social, cloud computing, data and applications has led to unprecedented levels of complexity of the business process, requiring expert leader digital be informed and adaptable to a new series of consumer research and purchase behavior. With his characteristic attribute data, digital marketing promises to give companies the power to improve and personalize the customer experience through access to information that can be stored, tracked and measured. To get the value of business, marketing must be able to derive the contextual intelligence from data that are actionable, aimed at improved responsiveness to customer needs. While the work of a marketer has always been to get the attention of the consumer, they must meet the consumers where they are. The way that we find people, find information, communicate and collaborate has changed dramatically as the result of mobile and social technologies.Those companies that are doing well to digital marketers are reaping the benefits, and those who are latecomers are prone to breakage. Yet the fact is that many organizations are overwhelmed how to navigate this brave new digital world.

Brian Vellmure and Mitch Lieberman, two of the most experienced analysts who look at marketing and digital marketing, joined us on CXOTalk to shed light on the subject of digital marketing and customer experience. Vellmure manages a company in Orange County, California, where his area of focus is where the digitization of everything that meets customer experience. Lieberman is a successful architect, Sugar CRM, where he bridges the gap between CRM and customer generated digital marketing experience.

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