Sony breaks Studio tours in the wake of hacker attacks on ‘ interview ‘

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Dec 19 2014

Sony has cancelled visits to its studios in Culver City, California, following threats of hacker who already scuttled the release of Seth Rogen and James Franco film, ‘maintenance ‘.

Excursions were cancelled last week and will not resume this year, said the Hollywood Reporter.

Two-hour walking tour takes guests in his and marking the steps as well as the series of television programs such as “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune”, according to the website.

The studio feared that someone might deviate from the group, TMZ reports.

Today, guided tours until January 2 are listed as “sold out” on the ticketing site, and no dates are available for purchase beyond that point.

Wednesday, Sony cancelled the release of “The Interview” after that the pirates who have stolen corporate documents, emails and other data threatened terrorist attacks on any theatre, screening of the film.

The film is a comedy about a plot to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong a. The U.S. Government believes would have been that North Korea is behind the attacks and threats.

11 awesome holiday gifts, which can be found at your local drugstore

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Dec 17 2014

No matter how high our hopes of avoid it, almost always are in this scenario come Christmas: you are at a party at the Office or a friend’s holiday gathering and you realize that totally obscured on getting them a gift, not to mention a gift for their children. A stop in the Mall is out of the question (too crowded) and arriving empty-handed don’t fly (slightly embarrassing).

Listen, there is hope and you will find it in the aisles of your local drugstore. We crossed the gift offers CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens and come up with 11 last-minute holiday gifts perfectly acceptable that should cover just about anyone on your list.

While you can find some of the products online, trust, you’ll be able to find at least something like this at the store.

How to make your next trip as smooth as possible

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Dec 16 2014

The Act of traveling for business can be a great nuisance or a headache-free joy; everything boils down to preparation. Tens of thousands of miles per year for the business of the clock, and through each of those experiences, learned lessons valuable to make my trips I feel more like walks in the Park.

Keep a bag packed
My suitcase is always filled with Essentials: toothbrush, toothpaste, washing face, Cologne, etc. Never take these items out, that, when I’m on the road, makes that quick and easy packaging process.

Never check luggage
Checking bags is the bane of the existence of every traveller. Never, low any circumstances (even on long trips), check a bag. If I know that you need something that does not fit in my carryon, you send it in advance.

Stick with an airline
It seems to me that you flying an airline makes things logistically; Airport are usually the same places and reward benefits can be a bonus. Since my company (Nextiva) is headquartered in Phoenix, I’m going with US Airways, which has the cube there.

OPT for the exit row
Exit row is the biggest secret in business travel. If I’m not in first class (my preferred option), I will ask for a window seat exit row – more leg room and more space for leaning on the window – a win – win.

Use TripIt
Were you in a taxi on the way to the airport when you could not remember your flight number? You spend 10 minutes looking for your email only to finally find the message, connect to the web airline and bam!-find out your flight is canceled.I was that person until about two years ago when I ran into TripIt, an incredible application that keeps all your travel arrangements in one place and alerts you when they change flights. It organizes your reservations, car rental information and even allows you to change seats without calling the airline.

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Processing should not be difficult

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Dec 15 2014

The art of transformation to alter dramatically the current state in your leadership behaviour or your organization to a new and fundamentally different should not be difficult. But often it is. many people don’t embrace change, must less transformational one, which makes difficult the transformation. When approaching a transformation, the Executive must be open to self and organizational transformation because this person eventually will lead the Organization through the transformation.

Here are some key questions that can help assess the ability to successfully transform.

1. you are patient or you try to run it through a change?You can stay in the game and on task long enough to have the transform applied successfully?

Many transformational changes take several years to run and move the culture completely.Because the timeline is long, it takes incredible patience moving through the transformation and the change of culture with it.

The key to success is to transform the leader know when to go fast and when to take time through the transformation process.

2. do you know how to execute transformational change?

Transformation requires a change in culture, because it is a dramatic change from the current state. As the Chief Executive will oversee the effort and are required to have expertise in execution.

3. are committed to where you want to go, no matter what?Are you willing to take a risk, even if it results in losing your job?

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Do considering the accounting cloud? 5 reasons why you should make the switch in 2015

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Dec 14 2014

Cloud technology is known to save time, money and resources. It is specifically designed for the world of the 24/7 mobile work, that we live in today. The world of ‘stay your workstation’ work of the past is old news, and the associated software is very obsolete. With 2015 just around the corner, it is time to ensure that all your business processes are up-to-date and ready to deal with new technologies in the cloud. A recent study showed that the number of entrepreneurs by switching to cloud computing is expected to double in the coming years due to its many advantages.

For example, until a few years ago, business owners were seldom able to get an up-to-date view of the daily financial situation. Cloud accounting software this has changed dramatically by automating tasks tedious, manual and integrating the data key. So, entrepreneurs can now get a financial table holistic implementation of their business in order to make timely, smart business decisions.

But despite these advantages, there are still many business owners who have not yet made the switch.

That said, here are five reasons why the cloud accounting for your business needs:

Access your “true cashflow”. Cloud accounting software allows you to take control of your finances by seeing one dashboard to update daily from your stream of cash by integrating directly with your bank balances and transactions by credit card. Dashboard tells you how much money you have, where your money goes, which you must, and that you must. Daily knowledge of your ‘real’ cash flow can you give the confidence to make decisions fast and smart business as hiring employee to another, expand your retail offices, or buy more inventory.

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Sony hackers stole the script from the new James Bond movie

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Dec 14 2014

LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-the first criminals have emerged in the upcoming James Bond film “SPECTRE”: hackers who stole a version of the script as part of a devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures. Producers of the James Bond films said they learned Saturday morning that an early version of the script “SPECTRE” were among the material stolen and made public by hackers who infiltrated computers at Sony’s studio. “Eon Productions is worried that third parties who received the stolen script can try to publish it or its contents,” Eon said in a statement, while warning that the script is protected by the copyright laws of the Uk. “Spectrum”, starring Daniel Craig as 007, is set for release on November 6, 2015. Filming began this month after producer Barbara Broccoli and Director Sam Mendes has unveiled the title, the cast and new cars, but little about the plot. “I was so excited to tell this story, but to explain why, I should tell you the plot and I can’t do it, said Mendes presentation in England, a reminder of the strength of Sony into the film world. The Bond franchise is one of the most profitable for Sony Pictures and latest installment “Yeh do not” brought in $ 1.1 billion worldwide, more than any other Bond films. A spokesman said news reports that the cyberattack forced the studio to stop production on the film, including “SPECTRE” by Sony were wrong. “Productions are still moving forward,” Robert Lawson told Reuters. Hackers launched an attack on the entertainment arm of Sony Corp. the 24 November, disabling the computer network and stealing and leaking a mine of sensitive information in strictest cyberattack on a company on American soil. The identity of the hacker has yet to be determined. (Reporting by Mary Milliken in Los Angeles and Mike Davidson in London; Edited by David Gregory).

Holiday party decor trends

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Dec 12 2014

Here at Evite so we celebrate that we live, so of course the season. We love all Traditionen–but also like to mix the old with the new. In this sense, a quick guide to this season of the best decoration here is trends. The last thing should be the a celebration, is ultimately boring.

Quiet color scheme / all is quiet.

With all the stress that come along with the holiday can not try why a soothing calm color scheme this year instead of the same old red and green? I have a lot of Turquoise and white to see in this season, as well as lots of textures such as jute, linen, and reclaimed wood-what is cozy and comfortable says. The holidays can about tradition, but still a little non-traditional a whole new sense create with your decor for the season.

Colored trees.All is bright

And speaking of non-traditional, cosy and soft aren’t your thing, try, bold and bright. For a colored tree this year or drape colored streamers from it. Forget the Green and red, try hot pink or a fat blue. Sometimes bright color palettes can make the strongest holiday statements.

And possibly your white Xmas

Nothing gives a clean appearance to a celebration as white decor. “White Christmas” has always been a popular topic, and we see a resurgence with this clean look for the holidays. With a white tree is white or beige stockings hang decorations, everything is easy to comply with by the coat and white sparkly snowflake!

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Civil society in the age of the Smartphone

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Dec 11 2014

Every company and every Government speaks of “civil society” at regular intervals. It is the euphemism for the cooperation with the non profit world. But there is another meaning for the phrase “Civil society”. It means courteous handling of neighbors and strangers on the street and care a social environment-in real time and space, not on an electronic device. One of the most worrying default behaviors are we come to accept recently, that most of us (myself included) less time staring into space and ponder our thoughts or the universe or imagine, love big romps with our spend. No, we’re looking for at our phones that we clutch, as we the street talk or SMS absent-mindedly walking during the execution of persons and vehicles.

A recent study in the journal Science indicates how far people go to sit with their own thoughts to avoid:

In 11 studies, we found that participants generally did not enjoy, 6 to 15 minutes in a room alone to spend, with nothing to do but think that she enjoyed a lot more to do mundane outdoor activities, and that many preferred to administer electric shocks to itself, rather than left alone with their thoughts. Most people seem to prefer to do something rather than nothing, even if it’s something negative.

This is addictive behavior. And like all addictions, the addict is not the only victim. Smartphones provide a terribly rude, anti-social, particularly uncivil environment in public space. Have a look around. Someone could use your help, and maybe it would offer. Someone could read a book, you would love to talk to. Someone is wearing an outfit that is fascinating, cool or nice.Architecture, street posters, street performers, amazing events, all are abundant.

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Best gifts under $30

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Dec 08 2014

Just because you’re not spending a lot of money, does not mean that you can not give the greatest gift. I like to buy things people they probably never would – things that are unique and different. Here is a list of my favorite things that I found this year that won’t break the Bank. These gifts are perfect for the Office Tote, a special friend or a hostess of the party. A ditch that lame bottle of wine that you go and one of these gifts great hic instead.

Playing cards black
Cool hardware, $9.95

Cards black in black ink, these are cool and beautifully designed and perfect for card sharks loving design.

Operation of Old Fashion Kit
Field, $24

To love him, jet setter. Who wouldn’t want a craftsman flight?

Cloth Marcati
On the Table, $14.95

Perfect for the hostess.Everyone will bring the wine to the party – why pas shine with this special kitchen towel that will last the year?

Zolo creativity Chance
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, gift shop, $28

Get in touch with post-modern design of Memphis from the 80s with this fun little toys for all ages.

The set of eyes
ABC Home, $9.95

Ideal for your friend who just had a baby. Why not as a gift a special book to get this kid loving good design as a child?

Tanner goods leather coasters
Heath ceramics, $29

Made in Portland’s beautiful leather bag. The perfect gift for someone who likes to keep their beautiful wood fixed!

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After seeing the girl with no hair, Toddler moved to donate to her

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Dec 08 2014

This girl is really sympathetic to her age.

Three-year-old Ariana Smith of Maine Winterport watched a video of extra life, a charitable organization which raises money for Childrens Miracle Network hospitals through video games, starring a young girl who had no hair. The curious child then decided to ask his parents everything what she saw, Josh Smith, the father of Ariana, said the Huffington Post in an e-mail.

“She asked why the girl had no hair. We explained that she was ill and that the medicine they used made his hair fall off, “said Smith.

The cat has left a strong impression on Ariana.

Without a second thought, Ariana said Oh, well, it can have some of my hair, Smith told ABC News.

So on November 21, the toddler received his first Cup and with the help of his parents, has donated her hair to locks of love. The pictures from the milestone, which were posted on Imgur, have since gone viral with over 500,000 views — an ode to the 3-year-old’s generosity.

“She could be so selfless like that,” Smith told ABC News. “Her first reaction is How about I give up something that I have so a little girl can feel pretty’.”

While Ariana’s act of kindness is a noble one, her father says that he wasn’t surprised when she expressed her desire to donate her hair. He told HuffPost that she loves helping others — even when she’s playing.

“I think shes just a caring person,” he wrote. “She has a little play set of medical devices which she uses often. Ive had my blood pressure and heart rate ‘checked’ hundreds of times this year.”

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