5 great ideas for a bathroom remodel

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May 27 2015

by Amber Lewis | Photos by: Tessa Neustadt


I was just asked all the time about what is the best way to spend your money if you are planning to remodel a bathroom. Well, I have some great tricks and always use I think that they help to get more value for your money.

After from:

This bathroom was a perfect example of how really stretch your money and make your remodeling as 1 million dollars.

1. Add lights
In a bathroom, natural light you can get the best! In this particular renovation really was everything. The bath until it was so dark and closed space. We have added a large skylight and two large windows one above the tub and shower. In my opinion was the most important element to make the small footprint of the sensation of bath much larger.He brought the outdoors in, but also helped to give the much needed feeling of being bright and airy!

2. add storage
In a small storage space is key. Keeping a small space without messy and giving all the things that are going to the bathroom a place designated will help maintain focus in your bathroom and not all products and things that inevitably accumulate! In this remodeling created a huge 9′ vanity that created a lot of storage and gave them 2 sinks.

3. hide the toilet
Not all Thrones are equal, and some are well designed, but if there is a way to hide your toilet. I say make it happen! It is a little more private and draws attention to the most beautiful parts of the space. We really old shower and tub and made the new room.Through the use of a Pocket door that we were able to not have to worry about the door swing, which enabled us to also create a larger vanity.

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Promote washing through traditional leaders and technology

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May 27 2015

You always bring a gift when he met traditional chiefs or “chiefs” in Zambia. Usually leaders ask food for their people, things like cooking oil or corn. Occasionally, a leader may ask something different, for example by a cover. Leaders in rural Zambia is distributing these elements among the poorest families in their tribes. There is a deep sense of responsibility among the heads of their people and a strong sense of pride that leaders feel that improves the quality of life of their people.

When we started to work in the area of washing in Zambia, we use of mobile phones and aggregation data cloud to hire employees of the Government. We worked through the community volunteers and district environmental health technicians. Toilets have been built and hand-washing stations have been added as the power of the technology employed by the Government in order to better understand and respond to the health needs of persons detained under their responsibility.For15, we had only scratched the surface.

“Why don’t we work with traditional leaders in this program? We do me remember not that team asked the question, but it was no doubt with one voice to get an idea that had seen growth across the group. Rural Zambia is a very hierarchical society, and the questions of status. To operate in rural Zambia, health programs must obtain the blessing of the heads to operate in communities. We need to understand how best to engage leaders in order to achieve best results in sanitation: toilet more be constructed and used in village environments.

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6 effective Analytical tools to help market your Business

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May 26 2015

This is part of the series of Marketing Digital ideas, offering advice, analysis and recommendations on how to become best sellers online.

Journalist Elaine Murphy wrote: “mention of analytical tools to the Marketing Manager and he or she immediately break a cold sweat and probably runs to the nearest travel agency to take the next flight to Greenland, where no exist analytical tools, only geysers and sheep.” “Sellers don’t like analysis – prefer an epiphany”.

But sellers can get epiphanies when time and problems are taken to analyze the data coming from analytical tools.It has predicted that marketing will be making administrators more than $123 billion a year in the foreseeable future – earn that kind of income, don’t get scared by the jargon – analytics is your friend from marketing and here are some very effective analytical tools to help you market better:

Image credit: Flickr, Creative Commons | James Royal-Lawson

A lot of useful features on this site, including the visit of monitoring, recording, heatmaps and real-time monitoring campaign. In addition, provides visual conversion Rails and tracks of how customers abandon your website. It can also increase conversion rates of your forms online learning which are left vacant, take more time to do, or even what makes them abandon ship before ending.

It helps you to build heat maps and measure your visitors based on where you click specifically within your site.With this you can determine which parts of your website are the most popular, click-worthy and pull in the most attention. It also includes a very useful displacement map, so you can see how long viewers scroll through pages and when to leave.

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Roundup week of eBay Vintage Home located

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May 25 2015

Want to add some fab, eco-style to your home, but have no time to browse through thousands of eBay listings? Then sneaking just a peek at my Weekly Roundup of Vintage Home eBay finds.

This eclectic mix of vintage and of auctions antique House has attracted my demanding attention due to their unique nature, the contemporary look or the nature very collectible.

Don’t miss the sporks of cream of Gorham of the 1880s, Beaver of Dutch sugar figural sterling of the 19th century, the vase of Pucci in the 1960s, the original Arne Jacobsen, the bed Walnut chairs carved patinated, industrial desk lamp of Hadrill Horstmann, the vase collection Bertoncello and the rare Pyrex casserole.

As always, buyer beware! Don’t forget to read the ads closely and contact sellers with questions.

DISCLOSURE: Editorial selections are made by Zuburbia with no direct promotional consideration from the featured eBay sellers, however, Zuburbia may receive revenue as an affiliate member of the eBay Partner Network.

Get ready Get Set. Bid!(Click on link.)

Which item is your favorite? Leave me a comment below to let me know.

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Please note that Zuburbia does not endorse the use of fur, feathers, leather, ivory or animal skins in home decor. Any of these selections are offered only as more thoughtful and eco-friendly alternatives for contemporary decorators who have not yet eliminated animal products from their homes, or for collectors seeking to preserve these items. -This feed and its content is the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms and conditions. It can be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Business lessons from the father of the modern cheerleading

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May 23 2015

You couldn’t watch the cheerleaders as a source of wisdom for business. yet. But these pom poms, cheer camps and the signature movements are acts of engineering of the mark. And the pleasing leader of all, Laurent Herkimer, has much to offer aspiring business leader. He did not invent the sport, but somehow, he has managed to transform into an empire. Here is his story and great ideas that can borrow his playbook budding entrepreneurs.

Lesson 1: resilience is King.
If you saw ‘Bring It On’, you have heard of ‘Herkie ‘. It is a popular joy poses involving a twisted leg, right leg and a punch in the air. The joke, it’s the move was actually a mistake. Laurent Herkimer “invents” as a leader in the 1940s at the Southern Methodist University when he tried (and failed) to make a jump to split. Instead of bowing his head in shame, that he possessed the jump as a signature style.Finally, people have begun to imitate, and the move became its namesake. He is a winner because he chose to win against a final loss. Entrepreneurs will tell you how many “fake-it-’til-you-make-it” they pass through as they believe in themselves enough to get up and announce what they build. It is an incredibly vulnerable experience to invest your self while something and then face the inevitable naysayers, obstacles and moments of loser. It is not the most intelligent leaders who will go through. It is them who is strong enough to continue rising against the huge pull down.

Lesson 2: go big by being specific.
Many entrepreneurs are afraid to limit their potential customers. They do not want to be too restrictive in what they do, because they are nervous, it will divert some potential customers. The thing is, you are less specific, you are less likely to attract customers. Think about it.It is quite difficult to get a generic ground summer camp. A cheer camp? In 1948, when the cheerleading was barely recognized as a sport? Laurent Herkimer would turn away 99% of future lovers of camp. Only diehard fans of cheerleading would be immersed in a summer of learning new cheers before it was even a ‘thing ‘. And during the first summer, he drew only 53 participants. But the participants were his “tribal chiefs. The gung-ho-adopters who created a buzz and attracted other.

Obdachloser shelter helps get Internet help find other jobs

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May 21 2015

For Wayne Samuelson, Internet access has made the difference between employment and life without an income.

The American veteran – who has been homeless for weeks after losing her job at a museum – was stay away Next Door of San Francisco, California KQED News report ‘. Recent Internet access within the facility, however, gave him the opportunity to search Craigslist for an opportunity to advance his life.

A few days earlier, he accepted a job as a security officer – and there Darcel Jackson in part to thank him.

Jackson, a homeless who have also sought refuge in the Next Door, contributed to the installation of Internet access. With the help of Greg Gopman – a former tech company CEO who became a lawyer after he made the controversial comments about homelessness – Jackson won a local Internet service provider to provide next to the equipment necessary to get the shelter online. It will cost about $6 000.

“[Having Internet access] brings joy into a very dull and mundane life,” Samuelson told The California Report.

More organizations and government bodies are recognizing that Internet access is hardly a luxury, and those without it can be left behind in a 21st century world.

Last year, Seattle — a city grappling to curb its increasing levels of homelessness — contemplated funding for wireless Internet access in homeless encampments, according to KOMO News.

One of the idea’s proponents, council member Kshama Sawant, argued that Internet access means so much more than simply scanning the web for pleasure.

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What these 3 dead physicists can teach you about innovation

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May 20 2015

It can be argued.

Discoveries in science, not business, by people who are already dead. What can we learn may be here?

Yes, in fact.

All scientists and scholars have determination, imagination and the ability to pursue large questions. This is obvious. But hide deep lessons in corporate governance in their stories.

Here are three of them.

Marie Curie (1867-1934)
“You never can tell what has been done You can only see what remains to do.”

Let’s be honest: originality is difficult. Find anywhere. Created something recently? Then you have committed only to a specific path. Before you know it, you think only about what to build next.

Curie was a radiant genius. And a pioneer in the field radiography: using x-rays, to extract medical information. World War II came, she said to give rich people in their vehicles.Then, she gave a crash course in auto mechanics, Anatomy and radiological equipment.

Helping through the Assembly of a fleet of x ray trucks, to treat soldiers, she renewed the countless lives in a way, saved. Way ahead of its time.

She’ve started was able to help a whole new line of research, to treat people. But they are not. She made creative use of what you already: innovative physics, coupled with the technology of the last century.

Curie was an innovator. As much as any good businessman.

The lesson
Do not ignore, what you already have. The ideas and insights that you need, make a difference could be right under your nose.

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More recent innovation future Vision of engineer & former iPod

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May 20 2015

From its earliest days, JP Labrosse says: “have been interested in doing work that has the potential for positive impact.” Labrosse was the leader of the engineering team for two of the first Apple iPod products. Remember, “working at Apple was a highlight in my career. Our team was called ‘Special projects’ with some 35 years working in a separate building apart Apple main campus”. Since then he has gone to become a serial entrepreneur. Its most recent innovation is the kinetic revolver stand desktop that launched in 2012. But his vision goes beyond the office.

Labrosse says: “Stir, we see as a pioneer focused on”site user experience”(UXoP).” We want to positively amplify what people, wherever that is. First is a desk.” Labrosse coined the term ‘ user experience,’ which summarizes the vision that is carrying his team in their goals for future innovations and products.He explains that “within the experience of the user of the site, it has nothing to do with the product, it’s the interaction of the technology without interruption. It is about how technology can be there when we need, however, be invisible when we don’t.”

Putting that principle to work with the new desktop Stir implies its custom technology coupled with the way in which the table moves quietly by the user based on the user preferences. Labrosse first used an Apple height adjustable desk in 2002 and the long work days feel so exhausting during the use of the table. Adjustable desks have been using since then but the key to good health with respect to desktops is actually in the movement of change of positions of height and most people (including Labrosse) do not adjust it frequently on their own.

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6 steps to clear customer communications

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May 20 2015

Never been really excited about a business idea, just have that idea to fall flat when you try to explain to investors, customers or partners, team members? It happens to many of us, the public do not hold because we think that our great idea is so darn cool.

For our business ideas have an impact and generate a lot of money, they need to be explained in a way that makes them impossible to be misunderstood. They also need to fire people.

That is exactly what Erik Kerr to his marketing firm, shop drawing, for clients like Twitter, Dropbox and Uber. She recently shared with me six questions that must be answered to create crystal clear marketing messages that inspire potential customers and interested parties to intervene.

1. Are you prepared to answer prospective clients’ two biggest questions? Consumers are always asking two main questions — “so what?” and “who cares?” — when any product or service is put in front of them. Those are the questions you must answer quickly and clearly.

Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in talking about all the great features of our product or service — the bells and whistles. So remember: The only thing prospects really cares about is the result you can provide that will give them what they most want. If you don’t start by recognizing that you must help potential customers see why they should care about your idea, you’ll lose them to the next competitor who can.

2. What is the profile of your ideal client? If you try to be all things to all people, you will find yourself pursuing too many “opportunities” without gaining traction in any one of them.There is also diluting the clarity of your message appealing too widely. You want to instead speak directly to your ideal client. –the person they want to sell to or work with.

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#GirlsWithToys powerful campaign proves once and for all that women have a Place in the stem

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May 19 2015

Here’s yet another reminder that women totally kick in any field they want.

Shrinivas Kulkarni, astronomy and planetary science professor at the California Institute of Technology, was featured in an interview with NPR on Saturday. While speaking on astronomers, the professor said, “many scientists. are what I call ‘boys with toys.’ I really like playing around with telescopes. It’s just not fashionable to admit it.”

The comment, which failed to acknowledge his female counterparts in the field, didn’t go unnoticed. Women took to the Internet to remind Kulkarni that “boys” aren’t the only ones in STEM. Using the #girlswithtoys hashtag, female scientists and engineers shared pictures of themselves or others with tools and equipment.

Some posed next to rovers, while others took selfies with their lab equipment. A few were pictured next to some “toys” that were a little beyond our understanding.

The #girlswithtoys campaign is a beautiful, powerful, and will make you want to bust on the Bunsen burner.

Scroll below to see tweets from #girlswithtoys.

My 8-year-old girl driving a rover #GirlsWithToys pic.twitter.com/Lb2hb9vo0f

Fierce Freyja (melissapierce) 17 may 2015

I’m testing a new type of sensor pixels in an experiment to test beam at #CERN during my PhD thesis. #girlswithtoys pic.twitter.com/KTRcNaHPky

Clara Nellist (claranellist) may 18, 2015

Using this 14 on the roof of the astro old building at Caltech, we found the storms of methane on Titan. #girlswithtoys pic.twitter.com/qijKddal4z

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