What it’s like to start their own business, according to lawyer on subway Slapper

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Jan 26 2015

Do you ever dream of quitting your job, throwing caution to the wind and beginning a business venture of your own?

Aside from the whole ‘throwing caution to the wind’ thing, that’s essentially what small business owners do when building an enterprise from the ground up. That and, well, embarking on a grueling and extremely difficult journey to create something profitable out of almost nothing.

To highlight the trials and tribulations of being at the head of a new company, we’ve partnered with Intuit, makers of QuickBooks, to speak with small business owners from a variety of different fields — including law, retail and professional services — for their take on getting started, overcoming obstacles and facing challenges along the road to success.

First up, we have Joseph Indusi from London Indusi LLP, a full-service criminal and civil litigation law firm with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties.

With his partner Cary London, Indusi officially opened the doors to business in October of 2014. Already, the partners have an impressive CV of customers with favorable results, including assault charges dropped for the defendant in the NYC-sadly famous ‘Metro ‘slapper’ ‘ case.

HP: Why did you decide to start your own business?

Before opening my business partner [Cary London] and I worked in Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS). It was a great job. We have extensive experience and argued many, many cases. But when you’re a public defender, you cannot take just any case or intervene if a friend-of-a-friend gets locked up. You can not appeal to an interesting legal problem. Instead, you are assigned cases.

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Exec Microsoft reveals ‘Wow’ technology

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Jan 25 2015

President of Microsoft International, Jean-Philippe Courtois did not hesitate when asked what the new technology does it say, “Wow”.

“We presented something very cool. It’s called HoloLens, “said Alyona Minkovski HuffPost’s Live at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Saturday. “This is the very first holographic computer, allowing you to be in this place. and having this wearable that isn’t just a pair of glasses. In fact provides that access to mixed reality, “Courtois said.

Mixed reality, he added, is “a way you can actually interact with 3D Holograms”.

HoloLens carriers will be able to use everything from trying on clothing to explore other planets, according to Microsoft. Thanks to the collaboration with NASA, the company said, will allow you to travel HoloLens virtually for Mars.

The HoloLens “is going to have a huge impact, because developers are to build a lot of new applications, enabling people to do great things together,” Courtois said.

Living below, updates to the Davos annual meeting 2015:


Fadi Chehade explains innovations ‘Powerful’ surround today domain names

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Jan 25 2015

Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN, explains how we “went from twenty-something” top domain name to hundreds by a simple change.

“The reality is the more it name, the less people will be actually fitting names to charge a lot for them,” said Chehade HuffPost live in Davos on Saturday. “Because if someone has your name to point X, you get another name on point Y.”

Chehade said Alternatively, enter a Web address in different languages, such as Arabic, people with more power, unique domain names offers to get.

“These are powerful things that we have done,” he said. “To globalize in the domain name system, to open it to allow many new innovations.”

“Innovation will thrive name system on a wider domain”, he added.

Below, live updates from 2015 Davos annual meeting:

Discussion promote Davos travel

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Jan 25 2015

The following is co-written with Cheryl Grise, head of Global strategy of EY and Professor Marc Ventresca, economic sociologist, University of Oxford.

Listen carefully to the buzz during the annual World Economic Forum in this week’s meetings and a thing is very clear: the current global realities have changed the game for the majority of companies. Corporate capacity for innovation and transformation is today a fundamental imperative to survive – and thrive. This is transformation beyond the delivery of best products or services. It is the ability to do business in fundamentally different ways, in tune with the new realities.

In Davos this week, Sir Richard Branson, joined Barclay CEO Antony Jenkins, CEO of Mondelez Irene Rosenfeld, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Huffington Post President Arianna Huffington and EY President Mark Weinberger to a discussion of useful transformation hosted by EY and sad Oxford University Business School in collaboration with the team B.During the breakfast unveiled initial results of an EY – Oxford research collaboration, noting that senior executives are pioneers in a portfolio of new tools and approaches that leverage purpose to stimulate and sustain innovation and growth.

Our initial results indicate the following trends, challenges and benefits of purpose-led transformation:

1. There is an evolutionary view of the role of the Corporation that emphasizes increasingly the Corporation as a partner for social welfare.
The austerity and the increase in inequality, leaders speak often about the Corporation as a source of value for shareholders and a tool to address the challenges.
For many in our sample, the times designated a historically distinctive moment, when the institutional bases of the Corporation are disputed. Their shared voice defends a vision of the company as a partner to address global challenges.

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“Oscars nomination process can be dated”

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Jan 23 2015

It seems a complaint of the Oscars all critics parts: “Selma” didn’t get the nominations, which earned it. The film director (Ava DuVernay), Star (David Oyelowo), Editor (Spencer Averick) and cinematographer Bradford Young (), were closed mainly in their respective categories.

In Davos lives Roy Sekoff IMAX CEO rich Gelfond asked this week HuffPost if the Academy not maybe, give its fair share the movie. “The nomination process for the best film is maybe a bit old fashioned,” said Gelfond. “Pictures are made is different so quickly in the last two decades.” He spoke about the differences between the “Star Wars” films, hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in resources to smaller projects such as “The Theory of Everything.” employs the “I think the idea, that they compete with each other makes no sense to me,” he said to mention, that would be divided into his perfect word, the categories in blockbuster and independent. The whole clip above watch.

10 apps hold you responsible for these new year’s resolutions

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Jan 22 2015

(RNS) Still trying to keep up with those New Years resolutions? Fear not: As your vows to lose weight or give more to charity get to keep, there are nearly a dozen apps that can help you stick to your plan and do some good.

In general, American consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their mobile devices, according to a Flurry report, and apps dominate peoples time and attention. Charities have been quick to jump on this trend with their own apps, and now some apps can marry your New Years resolutions with donations to charity.

Habitat for Humanity has worked closely with the app Charity Miles. Ruth Davila, director of cause marketing and workplace giving at Habitat for Humanity International, said the house-building charity has found these apps to be beneficial.

These types of apps continue to increase in popularity, and we have found they are a useful and easy way to engage our donors and build donations.Within the first two years of this partnership, we have seen a 53% increase in charitable donations miles through the application, said Davila.

Here are 10 applications, all available for iPhones, to help you keep those new year’s resolutions and help your community.

New year’s resolution: get fit

Application name:Charity miles
What it does: per mile to run, bike or walking that it is followed by the application of charity miles, you will earn money for the charity of your choice.
Cost: free
Religious charitable organizations involved: habitat for humanity

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Rules undermine Republicans wage last-minute campaign to net neutrality

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Jan 22 2015

WASHINGTON-Republicans are waging a last-minute campaign to gather support for net neutrality legislation that critics say undermine the principles of a free and open Internet.

A draft proposal circulated last week from Republican lawmakers in the House and the Senate, appears to take a firm stance in support of net neutrality. Purports to impose rules on consumer broadband Internet that supporters of network neutrality have long argued for, but critics say the Bill is written in a way that fails to comply with the equal access Internet.

The legislation is an effort to avoid a Federal Communications Commission vote next month about regulations on consumer broadband.

President Barack Obama, who supports stronger regulations, asked the FCC to reclassify broadband Internet access under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, a move that would allow the Agency to prevent Internet providers from charging customers for better Internet access.The FCC should facilitate the reclassification in next month’s vote, even though the Agency is determined to face lawsuits from cable and telecom companies if it does.

A provision in the Republican-sponsored Bill would stop the FCC from doing the reclassification, undercutting the Agency’s ability to do what Obama requested.

In Senate hearings and Committee room Wednesday, Democrats expressed open skepticism of the proposal and its potential loopholes. There is a lot of things in the Republican proposal that are non-starters, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) told The Huffington Post, in an interview. IM worried about the lively and competitive part of our economy still hampered.

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Ariane and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman discuss science and spirituality at the DLD conference

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Jan 21 2015

At the annual digital life design conference in Munich of discussed HuffPost of own Arianna Huffington and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman the struggle of science and spirituality, argue, both for the success are essential.

Video of the event can be displayed at the top.

Hoffman, a well-known entrepreneur and author, said that in order for companies to exceed, employees and companies should aim both to each other have a positive and transformative effect.

“A company without loyalty is a business without long-term thinking.” A company without long-term thinking is a matter that not investing in the location in the future. Arianna quotes a company unable to invest in opportunities and technologies of tomorrow is a company in the process of which die,”from Hoffmann’s book on the subject,”The Alliance.”

Arianna and Hoffman discussed load balancing technology and connections within the even found.”Due to the excessive dependence on technology, we all have a time with ourselves.” “And if we have for the time being alone with ourselves, we have a time to develop our wisdom,” Arianna said.

The Conference digital innovation ran Sunday until Tuesday in Munich and featured notable speakers, including uber-CEO and co-founder of Travis Kalanick, Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, and prominent venture capitalist Ben Horowitz.

Davos 2015 takes objectives on the future of the Internet (and cyber security)

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Jan 20 2015

The annual Economic Forum of Davos Word is a renowned event that engages political, business, academic and other leaders of society in the elaboration of a global cooperative program. The program this year seems even more stimulating as usual, covering a variety of topics with an entire section devoted to the exploration of issues and technology online tomorrow.

A discussion between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum-“Global responsibilities in a digital age” – will focus on the new responsibilities facing businesses Governments, telephone companies and the web in our digital age. According to the revelations of Edward Snowden in 2013, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has operated the personal cell phone to Angela Merkel and kept an eye on Deutsche Telekom and other strategic high-tech enterprises.Even if a high recent investigation the Germany Prosecutor found no evidence that bugging actually never had, however Germany seems to be the country the highest level of surveillance by the NSA. In its severe reaction, the German Chancellor threw the idea of a ‘European Internet’ – only to forget that the German intelligence services also participated in operations of the meta-data transported by the NSA, as explained by Der Spiegel.

A promising sign, Fighting Shadows, will present the best experts on cybersecurity and cyber threats, including Jean-Paul Laborde, Jonathan Zittrain, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Bradford L. Smith, and Eugene Kaspersky.

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DLD Conference will begin in Munich

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Jan 19 2015

The annual Conference of Digital-Life-Design kicked off in Munich on Sunday. The Conference, which focuses on digital innovation, will run through Tuesday.

Arianna Huffington to speak at the Conference Monday, HuffPost. Other notable speakers include Uber CEO and co-founder of Travis Kalanick, Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman and prominent venture capitalist Ben Horowitz.

You can watch the event live in the video below: