Here is how that might be new chip and PIN credit cards DOA

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Oct 31 2014

A recent Gallup poll found, that 69% of Americans, are “often” or “sometimes” endangered with a credit card by hackers. It’s not shocking. Consumers are becoming more educated on the subject, the financial institutions are starting to do more to combat fraud, including the introduction of new types of credit cards. An example of the latter is chip and PIN technology, which has celebrated consumers to the President for his ability to help prevent fraud. But it is the panacea that it was made to be?

Let’s take a closer look at what brings this technology. In contrast to cards, with which a magnetic stripe, contains a user account information, implement an embedded microprocessor chip card with the cardholder’s information in a way which makes it invisible, even if hackers take payment data while it is in transit between merchants and banks.The technology generates information also unique, difficult, but not impossible to falsify. Is there a cryptogram the banks to see if the data flow has changed and a counter each time the card registered sequential (kind of like the numbers on a check), is used so that a would-be cheater would have to guess, allows the accurate historical and dynamic transaction number for the charge to be approved.

Already used in all other countries of the g-20 as a secure payment method, find (short for Europay, MasterCard and visa) chip and PIN cards on the consumer side of the global payment system known as EMC. The system is its roll-out in the United States in the year 2015, and many of us in the banking and privacy industries believe that it was subject to the flow of money hackers while at the same time cutting down on credit and EC card fraud is stubborn.

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12 tips to make the process easier

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Oct 31 2014

Preparation and speed can contribute to the unbearable task of sorting a deceased loved his stuff possible. Before you begin the process, you should gather your supplies. Many fields named “hold,” “Discard/trash” and “Donations”, permanent marker, gloves and garbage bags. You want friends to come and help you in this important and difficult step of the grieving questions. You need a long afternoon, set aside time for breaks and mounting snacks and drinks set, before you start to delete. You want a pleasant night on the eve have to sleep. Deep breath. You will survive.

Regardless, how well you prepare the cleaning out of someone deceased’s House loved, bedroom or even the Cabinet is one of the most stressful life experiences. It may be that many months before you are emotionally ready to tackle the project.The amount of time between the death and the ability to decide what needed to do with the things depends on so many factors, including the relationship of the loss. A grandson are probably easier cleaning from a beloved grandmother pantry, as a mother sorting would have stuffed animals childhood by her son. Remember: just as every relationship is unique, every funeral trip is. Don’t let you judge others for how long (or short) is the time before you feel ready to take on this task

My friend Shirley told me recently about their experiences from their mother home. Shirley felt every time, if ownership, their pots, pans and books donated one of her mother, she was still losing a piece of her. Then she opened the quilt chest at the end of her mother’s bed and saw all the beautiful quilts during the sew together for years, her mother and grandmother had for many years. Shirley was overcome, together with memories of sitting two sew afternoon on the porch in the late summer, because they learn tricks on their sides, doll clothes sat. She realized that her mother was really permanent Shirley went, whether to save her sweater or glasses, and the irreplaceable things, which they possessed were the memories. You warns the others that if there is no pressure from the outside, as you need to sell a home to wait until enough and willing to part with at least some elements feel strong.

Mother of three whips up a winning recipe that is now sold in supermarkets

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Oct 29 2014

“One of the reasons why I started my website is that he wanted a place for women who joined together to dream. Women need to know that we don’t have to put up with an old dream that has grown rescataste there is always time to start a new dream. History of this week is about Veronica Bosgraaf a mother who wanted to do something both nutritious and easily transportable by his daughter, vegetarian, to lunch. Its creation is now sold in supermarkets throughout the country!”Marlo,

Veronica Bosgraaf had a great idea. And was hatched in a typical evening around the table after a question from his daughter’s six-year-old Anna atypical: what we eat?

It was lemon chicken. Mistress Veronica had done so many times before by her husband and three children and always no doubt. But this night, Anna was giving his plate hex.

Chicken? She said.What do you mean with chicken?

That morning, Veronica had companion of class of first degree of Anas on a field trip to a farm near his hometown of Holland, Mich., where he saw his daughter play with chicks and hold a beautiful orange chicken in his arms. I could see what was happening in their small brain, Veronica says. He was putting together, what was on the plate with the experience on the farm shed.

A few days later, Anna officially declared herself a vegetarian. I don’t want to be a part of killing animals. Veronica wanted to honor their feelings but concerned as shed make her eat food that wasn’t used, like lentils, beans and other vegetables, to make sure that you have a nutritionally balanced diet.

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Why there is no good Apps for the label and education

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Oct 29 2014

During a recent family gathering, my sister-in-law who teaches high school chemistry rightly called me out to be digitally distracted. He was a forward tilt of head which gave me.

Most of us have been on both sides of the front tilting head (call the FHT), that moment when we go from a quick and informal look to review a text, punctuation or incumbent on our total smartphone commitment where our heads literally come closer to the screen. Suddenly, our brains prioritize that BuzzFeed photos or been random to upgrade from the old friend from high school more than the actual conversation we are stuck in that moment.

I’m probably in the delivery or final acceptance of an FHT at least 20 or 30 times a day, and this is not even factoring times while you are on the phone where now there is hardly a need to even feign attention.As trained mobile medium professional who takes pride in the ability to pretend interest in any conversation at any point in time, I thought that it was beyond being arrested.

That account was not that my sister-in-law witnesses dozens of ESFS each one several times a day. In fact, probably see further adjustment of the neck in a class that is chiropractors most see in a year. While receiving a well-deserved ribbing, smart phones, tablets and other touchscreen devices – have an education about how while ultimately beneficial – too often stand in education.

“It is like a herd of animals,” he said. “You see a nod forward during a Conference, and then follow the rest.”

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3 fixes fast and easy for Windows common air

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Oct 28 2014

Keep the Hot House does not become a high price, due to these easy to make arrangements.

On average, 10 to 25 percent of the heat in a House sneaks through the windows. If you feel drafts, consider reglazing or even replace your windows. But if you cannot for time or budget – first weatherstrip, then it’s these other temporary fixes to help beat the cold.

1 plastic film

It applies to crystals with double-sided tape and sealing with heat from a hair dryer, this clear shrink film can be cheap allow a room retain so much as 55 per cent of its heat. In a bind, bubble wrap is an effective substitute; Only the bubble on the side of the envelope against the glass and attach with double sided tape.

Sample: Duck Crystal Clear Shrink Film, $13 for two 3-packs via MyBrands

2. project of snakes

Stop cold air from creeping through the windows with a snake.You can purchase one online or easily that one of them filling a tube of fabric, like an old mid-knee, with dry rice.

Sample: Cap project of doors and windows, about $10 for improvements

3 foam rigid

For basement and attic windows, you don’t need to see, cover the glass with a piece of foam board glued to – inch drywall. Cut pieces to fit comfortably inside the frame, press the side of foam against the glass, then simply leave when you want to let the light of the Sun.

Sample: Dow-inch rigid foam sheathing polyisocyanurate, approximately $12.50 per 8-4-foot panel via Lowe

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Must journalists fear social media

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Oct 27 2014

The technology monopoly of media on journalism. The advent of smartphones and social networks reduced entry barriers for digital journalists, to virtually nothing.

Journalist used to be a title reserved for professional writers. But now, any average Joe with a camera phone can capture and share a moment. Every aspiring bloggers can publish a story and spread to thousands over his Facebook newsfeed.

Seemingly overnight, a shift of power has occurred. Media outlets he established their control over that public content may consume. And the laity, once considered consumers, have now been creating original content at a remarkable pace.

Not surprisingly, quickly saturated Internet content. As a result, grew increasingly difficult for consumers to find the context and authenticity among a maze of digital media.

Today, most of the content we consume not even resemble journalism.Sometimes it’s A Instagram. Sometimes it’s a Tweet. Sometimes it’s A newspaper article recounting Elite 22 things you don’t know but should know, on string cheese.

Regardless of their form, content to which we cling serves.

9 things you didn’t know Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

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Oct 26 2014

Their buttery smell induced cravings on first touch warm pretzel. Aunt Anne has shopping malls, concession stands and street corners of America and also infiltrated. You can know exactly where you are going to ergattern-some goods from the bakery – it is after all the largest soft pretzel franchise. But there are certainly a few quirky details that you have digested yet not. Find nine facts you absolutely knead to know Pasty:

Aunt Anne is a high school drop.

Facebook/aunt Anne Beiler
A double is a real, actual person. Her name is Anne Beiler, but you know her better as aunt. The company’s founder was born and Amish parents grew up in Pennsylvania starts selling their homemade pretzels on a farmer’s market in the year 1988. Bill Dunn, President of the company, says HuffPost that the recipe for the original soft pretzel was not changed since.Beiler had an eighth grade education and earned her GED, had cemented at the age of 50 years, long after her success was.

A certain, very large basketball player has an affinity for the company.

Shaq loves the pretzel probably, more than he the Celtics (overall, subjective speculation loves). From 2012, O’Neals franchise Group 19 aunt Anne monitored sites.

Honey whole wheat soft pretzel was a flop.

Aunt Anne
Aunt Anne debuted this new kind of pretzel in January 2013. “The research told us it was a go,” Dunn says. The healthier pretzel contained six grams of fiber, 11 grams of protein and 300 calories-40 less than the original flavor. But in less than a year, honey was whole wheat cut from the menu. Our suspicion is that the typical Mall-goer is not just for healthy nutrition. You want the warm, buttery things.

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15 stunning alternatives to packing paper that you already have in your home’s gift

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Oct 25 2014

When it comes to your usual Christmas supplies, gift is gift wrapping always the fastest element in air. (Seriously, have you started, less paper those roles?) Sometimes enough bought you, even you do not want to spend the money and then there are those times, you’re in a big pinch. A. k.a the night before Christmas.

Anyway, you’re in luck – there are many crafty ways, your gifts of spruce, not only save that a trip to the store, but that is your gifts stand out to make. All you have to do is to look around the House. Who knew all this time could as a unique gift wrapping your double old sweaters, bags, cereal boxes and even junk mail?

We work together with Ziploc brand, the brand that helps to conquer the craziness of the holidays. Scroll down for some creative DIY gift wrap ideas that prove that the presentation is everything.

1.Recycled fabric gift bags

Dress your delicacies presents a festive bag simply by stitching cotton napkins, curtains, or scraps of paper.

2. Music sheet gift bag

You need to buy a fancy gift bag, if you can make a spectacular in minutes. A simple shopping bag with green, to beautify the notes and string.

3. sweater gift bag

Here a genius wrap gift ideas, presents warm, cozy and festive holds – and you can find it directly in your closet.

4. festive grocery bag wrapping paper

With some simple cut, trimmings transform old paper shopping bags with seasonal pictures (how are these Trader Joe’s) wrinkles and colorful ribbons and Twine in a decorative gift pack, what you’ve always wanted.

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Why my husband and I write our #Lovestory

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Oct 24 2014

Some people fall in love at first sight. For me, it was the first tweet. That my friends was not very surprising, who listened to stories about my Internet flirtation had since I was a teenager, but as my husband and I met to gawk at us still something about newcomers in our lives.

“Wait, you love on Twitter find?” ask them. “I thought that was only for the messages read.”

When I saw Thomas for the first time, he was just a small avatar on my screen. My mouse hovered over his gorgeous eyes, piercing through the pixels, causing my fingers to feel free so that I could spend another one more second. Most say that eyes are the Windows to the soul, though his Twitter stream is what really begged me. He was informative, humorous and a little raw. Although it was a computer screen and a few hundred miles between us, I felt like I him this virtual stranger.Retweeting his words to his digital in eye-popping jump, I messages directly to questions, whether he wanted to drink at the next meeting I in his town was, visiting with my family (Yes, it turns out we were growing apart on two cities).

A month later we started travelling exclusively dating, secretly mid-week Amtrak in our schedules, each other above the peaks of our laptops giggle, when it was time to work and ends our short time together with slow dance parties for two in my studio apartment. But we often again in Twitter our love story more characters enter.

eFlirtExpert: four years later and I pull my chair a little faint at the URwingman.

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A fire in India can’t scale?

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Oct 23 2014


The writer, Ankita Rao, is an Indian-American journalist currently based anywhere from the villages of Orissa to the streets of Mumbai.

There are gods on Tinder.

Not Adonis-like gym buffs with quotes about success and protein shakes. No, Im talking profile photos of Hindu deities like Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha even the avatar Venkateswara, who, to be honest, I would rather associate with my grandparents and not a dating app.

That was the first thing I reported home to my friends after fiddling around with my iPhone one day in an auto rickshaw this spring, just weeks after moving to India to kick-start a freelance journalism career. Half curious, and half bored, I wanted to check out how the New Delhi scene fared in comparison to Washington, D.C. and Tinder was an easy window into the madness.Fortunately, I have not too much influence on the results: I had all over the world with small safety net, moved so the true love was not top priority. And as tinder match would later say to me, to be honest, none of us use the app, you can find our soul mate.

Guys in India have no problem chatting for weeks about education, family and personality quirks.

As it turns out, should India, a mobile-savvy country with the largest growing population of young people in the world, a great place for an app like Tinder, (a company spokesperson tells me a Indias top emerging market priority). For the case that you don’t already know, scaling issues, the pepper match and OkCupid is a departure from lengthy dating profile and forgotten not, Indias top matrimonial website. His ruthless efficiency allows users, data on the basis of a few Facebook photos and a short biography of select.Doesn’t seem, that foreigners for a country where advertising with arranged marriages or drunken connections can begin.

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