A beginners guide to using Periscope

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Jul 27 2015

If you haven’t downloaded Periscope on the phone, you’re missing out. This little gem allows you to “spy” on others from around the world, catching a glimpse into their private lives. It’s Voyeurism is more fun!

The concept is simple: you send a live video stream, anywhere from your phone. Followers are aware that you are broadcasting and can tune in to see what you’re doing. The broadcasts are generally short and are available for playback for 24 hours.

Users are currently broadcasts anything from first dates, walk their dog, to the grocery store; and even use it to build a brand for their business and create followers.

App is a pretty straight-forward, however, there are some things that are not intuitively easy to understand.Will share with you some of the basic functions of the app you can get started right away!

Even if they avoid making videos is fun to follow what other people are doing!

First of all, Periscope is owned by Twitter. You can easily integrate your account, or if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can have a periscope of self-supporting.

Once you are logged in, we recommend that you activate the camera, and microphone position. I made the mistake of waiting to do this and then couldn’t understand why I had no sound when watching the broadcasts of others.

Privacy: for each broadcast you will have the option to make it public (anyone can view) or private (only followers, or specific users can watch). Very similar to Facebook, you can also report inappropriate broadcasts and block users.

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Nine (less than $ 20!) Wine accessories that you need this summer

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Jul 25 2015

Wine and summer go hand in hand – there’s nothing better than a fresh glass of ros or white on a hot day. With all these parts of the summer that you intend, it is important to be prepared. We have the accessories that will help you get through the wine – Hum, hot – months. So get out and enjoy your vino – tis the season after all.

Foldable cooler bag wine ICE BAG
I’ve been known to drop an ice cube in my wine when necessary, but let’s be honest – cold in the refrigerator is ideal. The ice pack ($4.99) is reusable, portable and folds for easy storage. Pack with ice, and you are good to go at any time. Bonus: paired with a big bottle, it is a brilliant hostess gift.

Foldable reusable wine bottle MoiChef
The glass can be heavy and bulky, especially if you are heading to an outdoor concert or picnic. Enter the MoiChef foldable reusable bottle of wine ($10.99).It corresponds to a full 750ml of wine, packs nicely in a cooler and fold carefully when you are finished.

Wine cooler Corkcicle classic
The classic Corkcicle wine cooler, Cork ($17.54) eliminates the need for an ice bucket. Simply throw it in the freezer for 90 minutes and drop it into your wine (after pouring the first chilled glass) to maintain the ideal temperature. It is lightweight, portable and comes in a multitude of colors.

Hunters of CapaBunga wine
Don’t think you’re going to finish this bottle? Take a pack of CapaBunga wine sealer ($12.95). They provide a tight seal to any bottle that leaks non-existent air.

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Strength of recovery, reconstruction and the business

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Jul 25 2015

This post is part of a series on the relationship between small businesses and their communities. Most entries in the series, visit which is working: small business page.

August 29, 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. In many ways, Katrina was a blessing to New Orleans. How many times a city Gets the opportunity to mark Yes same? In essence, New Orleans was given a blank slate. The result? 2015. New Orleans is very different from New Orleans 2005. In fact, for New Orleans, the time is characterized by any “pre and post Katrina.”

While it is still rebuilding New Orleans, maybe it’s time to say that we have recovered at least from a business perspective. Already not Louisiana occupy the space at the bottom of national business listings; on the contrary, we are towards the top of these lists of ‘good’. Given our clouded past, some may be surprised to see that the latest rankings, courtesy of GNO, Inc.include:

Business #1 (business services)
Magnet brain #1 in United States (Forbes)
most economic #1 of the ciudad-Nueva Orleans (KPMG)
#2 Estado of the United States for the climate of business (selection)
#3 winning IT Jobs battle (Forbes)
#3 city in the mundo-Nueva Orleans (Rough Guides)
State general #6 Top to do business (development)
#9 State of Affairs (Executive)
#14 the best city to start a business (WalletHub)

And the list goes on. This is just a sample of quite impressive results for a city that 10 years ago made national news for the devastation complete causing companies to close or to reinvent itself.

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These goats dance in their pajamas on a rainy day we are all

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Jul 24 2015

We can not stop this adorable goats Jammin ‘ watch in their jam Mies.

Sunflower farm in Cumberland, Maine, gave this short video of a few of his baby goats in the Onesie Pajamas around. But although they were adorned in their nightly getups, they were way too jazzed, the Hay will beat any time soon.

The adorable duo, Winifred, and Monty, are 3-week old Nigerian dwarf goats siblings. The video was filmed on a rainy day, when the two at the barn for some shenanigans took over. Goats have also a contact delete zero interest to let their heads, wrote the farm. So these little enjoyed their time out in the barn remain but decided!

Yes, a slumber party sounds pretty much the perfect rainy day activity.

H/T Mashable
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7 intangible lessons from my first year at the Harvard Business School

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Jul 23 2015

There is much debate about the value of the MBA and the future of management education. Two of the best minds at Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter and Prof. SSA Clay Christensen disagreed on this (see article in the NYT “disrupted Business School”).

Regardless of what the future looks like, to be relevant, schools provide learning beyond the academic curriculum. –Since you can probably gain “skill” as take by DCF free resources etc as the Khan Academy. Is soft skills/intangible resources that have shaped my experience at HBS so far (although, I would sometimes, we spent more time on the hard skills). This medium is not exclusive to business school-only General and life lessons of leadership that I focused on more closely, in continuation of my reflection at the beginning of the year.

1. launch team and open feedback are critical to success.

One of the more tangible things that we learned in our course of lead was the concept of team launch. A successful launch means the explicit dialogue on goals, team roles and responsibilities, conflict resolution mechanisms, decision-making (since veto of consensus or leader) and measurable success criteria from the outset, when a team is formed. Research (HBS case) suggests that this is one of the most critical components of building high-performance teams.

While this sounds like common sense tips, think about the last time you had an explicit conversation before departure into a new team. –whether it is work or non-work environment (such as the Organization of a Conference). We had the chance to practice throwing in more settings team all year, and while all these projects do not necessarily “failed”, I found an extraordinary value in this process. –especially in a alignment and setting clear expectations.Another important aspect of teaming was having sessions open and honest feedback on a regular basis. Give and receive feedback (critic and grateful) was one of the hardest things that I’m continuing to learn here at the business school.

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Le Business Community Connection est Vital

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Jul 21 2015

This post is part of a series on the relationship between SMEs and their communities. You will find more posts in the series on the what works: small business page.

Two years ago, I was at Harvard University, at the Conference of the inner city 100, and a small company detail belongs to owner, as he had removed from the Board of Directors of several charitable organizations in its field. He said unequivocally, that he deflected such tangles from his real job of his business. He was not malicious and even admitted that something sad about for some motherboards.

I suggest that his actions are the exact opposite of what he should do. Admittedly, there is only limited time in everyone’s day and priorities have a target will be targeted, business ownership, and in particular the ownership of a successful company, should a vehicle with which the community and the society as a Ganzes–use.Managing Director, should be especially prepared to give their leadership qualities that affect important issues and causes outside their companies.

History has many examples of how companies have expanded the welfare of all citizens. The massive fortunes of the Rockefellers, Carnegies, melons and Whitney were instrumental in the creation of institutions and foundations that survive to this day. For example, museums, universities, hospitals, scientific research institutes, all of which already benefit from these giant companies that saw their success as a vehicle to help others and improve lives. Today’s entrepreneurs are the community and the society as a whole not less focused. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Warren Buffet offer major gifts, both locally and internationally.

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Make the bed (more 6 other things you must do every day)

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Jul 18 2015

You wake up, roll of bed (sometimes literally), brush your teeth and go about your day. That is your routine – you have done for years and just feels normal. But as any routine, you can put in a routine.

Sometimes, renew your habits and introduce something new in the minutiae of his daily routine is a good thing. In the case of certain habits, it is a great thing! In fact, here are seven things you must do every day (if not already):

1. make your bed

Your MOM probably hear him on his bed messy when you lived in the House, so after you left, they let the thing go wild. In addition, you only will mess to up again come to sleep anyway!

While we can sympathize with your logic, the fact is that your bed is a habit in general good.
It takes only a minute, and starts the day with the Organization and cleanliness (which is a good tone to wake up).Moreover, because making the bed does not require conscious effort, your mind can wander and relax-it’s a Zen activity.

If having a calm mind and a clean room does not convince you, think of it this way: bring a start date and things are going well, then you enter a messy room. Deal-breaker.

2 silk

You may think, “brush teeth twice a day and I never have cavities, so it is not necessary to use dental floss”, but you would be wrong. Use of dental floss can get rid of food stuck between teeth, but does so much more than that.

In fact, it is the whole point of dental floss to remove plaque. These bacteria are responsible for causing problems such as tooth decay and gum disease because they create acid that corrodes protective enamel.

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10 fun things to do at home this weekend

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Jul 16 2015

Even in summer, weekends are still weekends, which means that they are reserved for fun. If you plan to spend the day relaxing in the open air, enjoy moments of family or enhance your space, spend this weekend living it up with these fun ideas.

1 play a huge game of Yahtzee on the lawn

Via Angela Blue project I Style

Make your own dice with this tutorial.

2 Add some quick color to your home decor

Project through Katie Upcycled treasures

Use a scarf to give your plants a boost of color with these guidelines.

3 lounge on the lawn with a good book and a cold drink

Project through life Kreative Kendra The

Follow this tutorial to make your own retreat shaded.

4.New skills as a family (such as juggling!)

Project through Mary Beth Cupcakes and Crinoline

Make your own juggling beanbags of chicken with the instructions here.

5 sharing a drink with a friend

Project by Brooke and Sam Zest it upwards

Get directions here to make your own rustic bottle opener.

6 organize a family epic Carnival

Project through Lisa The Pennington Point

Here’s how to make your own bean bag mix.

7. upgrade your routine organization

Project through Heather The nid Heathered

Add a slate like this wall for shopping and to do lists.

8 challenge your SO a board game

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A rarity among CEOs

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Jul 15 2015

The video game industry is mourning the death of Nintendo’s President and CEO, Satoru Iwata, and countless fans across the world are paying tribute to a man that truly dedicated his life to what he loved. He started out as a programmer at HAL Laboratory, contributing heavily to the Kirby franchise and the cult classic, Earthbound. Even early in his career, Iwata demonstrated his willingness to go above and beyond his job title when he created compression tools for the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver in 1999 for Nintendo, and at that time, he was not even an employee of the company, but the President of HAL Laboratory.

Hiroshi Yamauchi allowed Iwata to become the first president of the landmark video game company that was not a part of the Yamauchi family in 2002. From there, the newly appointed CEO continued to consult for HAL Laboratory.He criticized two of the platforms over success of Nintendo, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, as its programming experience and background as an avid player made him more of a hands on CEO than other helms company major tech.

His list of contributions to the Nintendo flagship franchises was astounding including Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Mario and Animal Crossing, but it was his passion that made him a rare breed of Director-general.

Rarely, the heads of large companies really make a difference on the lives of their employees and consumers what they respond to, but Satoru Iwata is no ordinary man. He said famous, ‘on my business card, I am a company president. In my mind, I’m a game developer. “But in my heart, I’m a gamer”. It is this philosophy that transcended him just a president of gaming company to one of the most respected and influential members in the industry of tip of all time.

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Supper Club host etiquette

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Jul 14 2015

A summer supper club is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a breezy dinner outdoors, a meal in the sunny afternoon or a relaxing evening with friends. In my last article, I shared my tips of label for the host club’s dinner; Today we tackle how to be sophisticated. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a dinner club, there are some things you can do to add a little fun right on the occasion of dining.

Comply with the wishes of their host. If your host has asked to provide us with a favorite snack, showing up with an extra dessert defeats the purpose of your request. The host can love children, but if they are not specifically included in the invitation, written or oral, not ask if their children can attend. Being a polite guest means to refrain from changing place cards so that you can sit closer to his friend when your host has sat next to a new wizard.

It comes with a sample of appreciation.Even if not asked contribute to food, it is always nice to honor your host with a friendly gesture. If you bring a bottle of your favorite wine or a basket of towels monogrammed finger, a gift for the host shows his appreciation for your hard work and is a special way to thank them for inclusion.

Avoid last minute cancellations. Once they have then, unless there is an emergency, it should do everything within their reach to be present. Your host has gone through great effort and a decrease in last minute for a better offer is rude. If you must cancel, not so at least 48 hours in advance whenever it is possible to give the host more time to find another guest to fill his seat.

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