How 3D printing may end fatal shortages of the organ donor

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Mar 02 2015

Three-dimensional printing has been used to make everything from pizza to the prosthesis, and now researchers are working on the use of emerging technology to manufacture hearts, kidneys and other vital organs.

That would be big news, as the number of people who desperately need an organ transplant exceeds the number of donor organs available. On average, about 21 Americans die each day because you need an organ was not available.

What exactly the promise of 3D printing organs and tissues or “bioprinting”? How the technology works, and when it might start saving lives?

For answers to these and other questions, HuffPost science extended to Dr. Anthony Atala (right), director of the Wake Forest Institute for regenerative medicine and a world-renowned expert in the field, to find out.

Here’s a slightly edited version of the Q to &.

Do 3D printing can be finished with the shortage of organs?

3D printing is not magic. It is simply a way of extending current processes we use to engineer of organs in the laboratory. Our team has successfully designed the bladders, cartilage, skin, tubes and vaginas that have been implanted in patients. Our goal is to produce structures of the body such as these with 3D printing to make engineering process more accurate and reproducible. The regenerative medicine – regardless of the form are designed bodies–aims to help solve the shortage of donor organs.

How could compare 3D-printed organs of organ donors?

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Here is what it was like inside Jabba of the Hutt

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Mar 01 2015

Jabba the Hutt-fans have got a Geekout for you.

“Filmumentary” maker Jamie Benning interviewed Jabba puppeteer Toby Philpott via Skype about his work within the gelatinous villain of “Return of the Jedi.” Then Benning PAL Potts words in with a view behind the scenes material combination for the mini-documentary “slimy piece of worm-ridden filth: life in Jabba the Hutt.”

The bullet-like evil to move and expressions can, was not an easy task in the early 1980s animatronics, sometimes require several men within the massive doll as the video reminds.

But if Jabba the screen filled, the effort clearly has paid off.

The Internet ate my newspaper

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Mar 01 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Newton South High School to see Herbie Ziskend give a speech to a group of 50 + years of age about the current status of the news. His persuasive speech broke the fact that physical newspapers group as have existed for hundreds of years, are now almost entirely migrated to digital. He cited sites like HuffPost and Vice as important sources of news for the younger generations-with Facebook and Twitter as a primary distribution platforms for this news. In other words, said that the Huffington Post and Twitter were the medium-bodied.

After seeing his intriguing discourse, I concluded that, in fact, there is a group of websites that my generation would call actually our media establishment as well as websites such as The Huffington Post and Facebook/Twitter. One of the major sites that came to mind was BuzzFeed, a site that aims to create and share viral content on the internet.BuzzFeed appeals to my generation as a source of entertainment and news. As I’m writing this blog post, the first page of an article about the Ukraine conflict-by-side with a post about 12 Valentine’s day cards for people who hate. Countless people in my class use BuzzFeed as a way to pass some time and read some news well-crafted pieces at the same time. A classmate my use BuzzFeed as his daily media source: “[BuzzFeed] coffee rivals in importance to me.” She believes that articles have more personality behind their writing an article from a more formal source. Is inconvenient for her to go and check Facebook or Twitter for small fragments of information that needs to keep in touch with the world when BuzzFeed contains all its entertainment and news in an application or Web site.

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Everyone thinks #TheDress broke the Internet

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Feb 28 2015

They believed also spoils of Kim broke the Internet. In the world of social media noisy, crowded, anything that can captivate the attention of the audience is golden. Of course, now, everyone knows that it is the #TheDress. someone called me today and simply said: “Ok, what color do you think it is? ”

It is a viral meme. No explanation, no demand ‘ have you seen it ‘-just the assumption that everyone knows. This is part of what is so irresistible. If you do not know, you hurry and discover so you can join.

All that is in the category of “the eye of the beholder” is intriguing. Beauty, truth, wisdom, color – all subjective to each individual. We feel an individual phenomenon, collectively, in real time. Person is right. Everyone is right, even if they disagree. WOW, this is unusual.

Because the cool thing, is that #TheDress is the science.Wired had a great piece explaining what is happening:

What happens here is your Visual system is looking for this thing, and you try to discount the chromatic correction of the axis of the light of day, ” said Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist who studies color and vision of Wellesley College. “So people either reset the blue side, which case they eventually see white and gold, or shed on the side of gold, in which case they end up in blue and black.” (Conway sees blue and orange, somehow.)

Every brand out there would like to go viral on the order of #TheDress #KimsButt or #GrumpyCat. Some brands are even trying to cash in on the viral success by “hijacking” the hashtag or popularity.

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Donut Shop allows you to customize the dough of your dreams

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Feb 26 2015

Donuts are certainly a bit been. Dunkin ‘ and Entenmanns are like the Sega games, that you in the attic in retirement, when finally, your parents bought a PlayStation. Keep them in your heart and they offer like sensations, but that’s. They no longer consider the quality of a game.

Yes, the donuts are raised. Added by the celebrated Cronut, a hybrid pastry, an innovative creation that classic partners which again brings together peanut butter and jam have Donuts beyond by Princess-colored sprinkles and frosting. Baker thinking outside of the Fryer, and now, a donut shop leaves the masterminds in the hands of its customers.

Fractured prune not patrons pick a donut, with reference to one that sits behind a glass plate. Instead, they are given the opportunity, your own donut–customize, which is made from scratch.Fractured prune offers 19 different glazes (of banana, Marshmallow) and 13 different toppings (such as sea salt and Bacon!). Once you have selected your toppings and glaze, donut-seeker will come hungry only three to five minutes for their desserts to life have to wait.

This is a great opportunity for anyone, ever in a donut and thought has chewed, “Hmm, that something is missing” or “Man, I wish this sprinkles have, because I’m going and now they are tight between my clutch.” The design-your-own donut concept recognizes and celebrates that every consumer is an individual with a particular palate. It is donut democracy! Check out some brilliant mixtures, which in the past below made it. Then you think, what would your perfect donut exist, stop and smile.

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What should I write about? 25 ideas for Social Media content & Email Marketing

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Feb 25 2015

It is the most common question I get when talking about email marketing, social media or small business in general. “What should I write on? ”

In this world of short attention, mobile devices and SMS, the commitment is the new Word of mouth: public yet significant backwards you get with clients and customers by sending a great email to your list or post something insightful or sharable on social media.

So, what should you write about? The short answer is twofold. You write about what you know that they do not know. It simply means that you share your knowledge and experience for free. And you write that you have access to that they have access to; and you have more access than you might think – early access to a special event or offer, passes backstage, copies autographed, white papers, an extra hour of your time. Give what it takes give and do not charge for. Charge your services, Yes.But on the social and the emails you want to give away it for free, set yourself as the go – to in your business sector. Share it and they will call it. Or by e-mail. Or text when they are willing to do for them.

Here are 25 ideas for quick content, that you can use to build your reputation as an expert or an information centre and access. Try one or two of them this week. Save the list for later if you can avoid this time drawing a vacuum when it is time to send a blast to send or post something interesting on social media. You are not alone. Most people stop and stare at the screen face a blank page or a social message to complete. Even if you’re on this list, I hope that it will generate your own ideas. This is just a beginning.

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For this reason some of new Apple Emoji are yellow

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Feb 25 2015

Apple finally is updating its line of characters emoji with a palette of different skin colors, but some say that the yellowish skin tone included in the pack raises some questions: are Asian stereotypes? Is jaundice? What is the problem?

The yellow apparently should not be a choice of skin tone. It is a default color of the emoji that exists outside the new skin tone color options. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to confuse, and many people is offensive.

This is what happened.

At first, it may seem that the real answer has to do with the standards created by the Unicode Consortium, the small group that sets the rules for special as emoji characters to display on different platforms. Unicode comes with the emoji to begin with, but does not make any choices about how emoji on devices.The aesthetics of the objects and faces depends on how Apple’s iOS platform, for example, combines skin tones suggested with emoji characters.

A spokesman for Apple declined to comment on the updated iOS emoji.

Unicode representative told The Huffington Post that the organization publishes only images in black and white in his letters of code. Anything further than that is the work of a platform or specific software vendor.

In other words, Unicode could tell the code “U + 1F603″ should correspond to “Face smiling with the mouth open”, but the aesthetics of the final image is open to interpretation. For example, when enabled emoji in years Android Jelly Bean, they looked like small black robots. On iOS devices, look round smiley faces, while Google Hangouts are a bit like jelly beans.

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InHerSight allows women to vote anonymously past and present employers

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Feb 25 2015

“We are in the workplace improve by measuring it.”

That’s the idea behind InHerSight, a platform, where women can assess their potential employers and assess how female-friendly workplace environments are. The idea is that offers women a space for communication with other women at work wondering what might affect you most interested in these issues even.

“We believe that scoring employers on their support for women and make these results be held responsible publicly for their hard and soft policy”, InHerSight said founder Ursula Mead The Huffington Post. “And that a safe the women with their anonymous way to share their findings is, how we get there.

Websites such as InHerSight could women proves to many work environments insecure or repellent, very useful for women who are looking to move jobs.

January 2014 in life called, the organization offers past or current employers from each area on several issues such as flexible working hours, maternity protection, opportunities for women and salary a platform for women who anonymously evaluate satisfied.

InHerSight makes it possible for women, “on the metrics that important work for them for companies to evaluate” their Facebook page reads. Some of these measures are wages, family support and how many women are in top management positions in the company.

Users can search you for a particular employer on InHerSight or browse recently revised jobs also corporate and Government. Women can add to their current or previous employers by creating a new assessment.

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6 women rocking Tech for good

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Feb 24 2015

Friends, I think that it is very important to highlight women who really are making positive changes in the technology sector. These people are not often given the recognition they deserve. If you’re able, please support them and follow them on Twitter. They are the real deal.

(Also, please note the five women to see in 2015).

1. Jessica Greenwalt, co-founder and Lead Designer, CrowdMed
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While in high school, he began a company independent design which became a Web development firm and international design, then Pixelkeet, only “Perico-run” graphic design and worldwide Web development firm he founded.

More recently, co-founder Jessica from CrowdMed, whose focus and health innovation to help people overcome obstacles and silos that exist within the medical establishment, empowering patients and help the doctors who simply can’t know everything about any medical condition.CrowdMed helps to diagnose medical problems faster and more accurately, improve not only the results but to save lives.

2. and 3. Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, founder, Roominate
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Alice grew up playing in the laboratory of Robotics from his father and made his first toy when he was only eight years old. When he asked his father, a Barbie, gave it a saw instead. So he made his own doll of wood and nails. As a young girl, Bettina had loved Lego and built cities filled with spaceships with his older brother. More recently, Bettina has carried out research on Bionic contact lenses and worked as an electrical design engineer in Discera and KLA-Tencor.

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This Chair is gathered

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Feb 23 2015

The last chair purchased probably came fully assembled, but let’s be clear: do not assemble. There is only a Chair in the world that can do that and its way too small so it feels. This very special chair, standing on a 15 cm by 15 cm, is the work of Skylar Tibbits and his team at the laboratory of self-Assembly at the MIT.