Common Problems with the Boat AC

If your air conditioner malfunctions on your boat, it can be a very frustrating experience that leaves you to suffer in the heat. Sadly, many different types of problems can affect the boat air conditioner and cause it to malfunction. Some of the most common types of AC problems you might experience include:

·    A/C won’t cool

boat air conditioner

·    Loud/unusual noises

·    Fan will not blow

·    Pungent odor emitting from the unit

These problems are some of the most common issues experienced by boat owners. Luckily, most of the issues are minor and can easily be repaired by the hands of a skilled expert. Other problems can and will occur with the AC unit in addition to what’s listed here. Although you may need to wait until you return to dry land to get the repair, rest assured that the problem is one that will likely be resolved as quickly as it began.

Costs to repair air conditioner problems vary. It is best to request estimates to learn how much you’ll spend for the repair and compare that amount with several companies in the area to get the best deal. Estimates are free and available upon request. Don’t delay the repair, as this increases damage and the amount of money you’ll spend for the repair.

You deserve to enjoy the cool, refreshing comforts the AC provides when out on the water in your boat during the summer. However, many minor issues can stand in the way of that enjoyment. The issues above are among those problems, but most can be repaired. Do not swelter in the heat and miss out on the fun that you want to enjoy when in your boat due to a malfunctioning AC when it is so easy to make the repair and leave worries behind.