Is There a Mouse in the House?

Mice are small pests that no one wants to share their home with, but sadly, they can easily make their way inside in search of food or shelter or perhaps even both. Once inside, an infestation can quickly occur. It is best to pay close attention to your home and the signs that indicate there is a problem with mice in your home. If you discover a problem with mice grand haven mi, do not procrastinate and make the call to the professionals at once.

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Some of the most common signs that there is a mouse in your house are:

·    Although the saying ‘quiet as a mouse’ holds true and mice are fairly quiet pests that can get through the home undetected many times, you may be able to hear them when the home is quiet and they scurry across the countertops in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Squeaking and claw sounds are common.

·    Do you notice nibbles in bread, pieces of food in crumbs, etc.? These things indicate that a mouse has been around and had a feast at your expense.

·    Mouse droppings also indicate that a mouse is in the home. You’ll find droppings wherever the mice are, generally on countertops, in floors, on appliances, etc.

·    Mouse nests are also seen inside and outside of a home that has a problem with mice. The pests will use newspapers, pieces of material, cardboard, etc. to build their nests.

If you notice these signs, do not panic, but take action at once. There are several ways to take care of a mouse problem. If you suspect a problem in your home, pick up the phone and schedule service from a professional immediately. You do not want the infestation to worsen and cause more headache and hassle.